Lee Medical's FileMaker-based, iPad-enabled electronic medical record (EMR), VAST®, to connect live with Regional Medical Center's EMR platform

The Regional Medical Center of Memphis level one trauma hospital will be first to link vascular access data from across the continuum of care to augment traditional EMR platform

FileMaker Developer Conference, SAN DIEGO, Calif. - August 12, 2013 - Lee Medical (Franklin, Tennessee), one of the first Vascular Access teams to employ iPads running FileMaker Go 12 to collect important patient data across the continuum of care, announced it will integrate its VAST® solution with Regional Medical Center's (Memphis) traditional electronic medical records platform.

Lee Medical will jointly integrate this effort with the organization's COO/CIO, Robert Sumter, PhD, directing the initiative. Implementation will coincide with the facility's system-wide adoption of the Computerized Physician Order Entry protocol, part of the government-mandated meaningful use initiative for electronic medical records. The implementation is slated for completion near end of year 2013.

"The seamless integration of VAST with the Regional Medical Center's electronic records will greatly enhance data security and integrity while optimizing workflow efficiencies," said Dr. Reginald Coopwood, president and CEO, Regional Medical Center. "Deployment of FileMaker Go and interfacing with our electronic health record platform is an important part of our strategy to build a robust and advanced technology enterprise that supports our goals to deliver quality healthcare services in an effective and cost efficient manner."

The synergies created by the integration between VAST and the EMR will be tremendously empowering to the Regional Medical Center, as well as other centers wishing to fuse vascular access information from across the continuum of care into their traditional EMR systems. Physicians and nurses will have access to live updates that reflect the most recent status of a patient's vascular access. And changes in diagnosis and related therapies will empower Vascular Access Specialists to ensure that patients are getting the right device at the right time. Previously, vascular access management information for patients who moved between different providers was kept separately from overall EMRs, creating an information gap that sometimes limited access to accurate vascular access device information.

Lee Medical's nurses are able to document the ongoing care and maintenance of all types of vascular access devices through the VAST solution, which runs on FileMaker Go for iPad (see video). Because VAST maintains an ongoing connection with FileMaker Server Advanced on the back end, no patient data is stored locally on the iPads to help ensure security of patient information.

"FileMaker is empowering us to blend our innovative healthcare service delivery model with a very large enterprise medical record. From the secure and live back- end connection between these two platforms, to the hands of our nurses and their iOS-based devices, FileMaker continues to demonstrate that healthcare businesses of all sizes can benefit from new and innovative platforms. We are seeing a direct and positive impact on the quality, safety and cost of patient care," said Charles Lee, CEO, Lee Medical, Inc.

About Lee Medical

Built around the practice of "using the right device at the right time," Lee Medical is a service provider whose vascular access specialists not only use the appropriate vascular access device (VAD), but also use a proprietary software solution, VAST®, that leverages Apple iPads running FileMaker Go to help drive down the troubling frequency and cost of bloodstream infections.

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