FileMaker 14 gets "awesome" and editor's choice rating from MacLife

Sep 1 2015 - "The bottom line. A significant refresh for the veteran software that unifies the experience across desktop and mobile."

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Information Week: FileMaker 14 features new tools to make DIY mobile database apps possible for non-programmers

Jun 12 2015 - If you need to build custom database applications that don't require the massive horsepower of the enterprise battleships, or if you want a database tool to give workgroups and departments the ability to develop their own applications, FileMaker 14 has a great deal to recommend it.

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MacWorld awards entire new FileMaker 14 Platform with 5 Mice

Jun 4 2015 - "…step right up to FileMaker 14. There's more power and potential in 14 than in any previous version, yet it's as user-friendly as ever. If you're already an experienced FileMaker developer, I expect you'll want to upgrade as soon as you can, if only so you can start typing in scripts."

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"We recommend FileMaker 13 as a powerful tool for building customizable database solutions" says

May 28 2014 - Filemaker 13 enables powerful custom database solutions with no programming required. The latest version FileMaker adds a mechanism for easily extending the venerable database platform for use with browsers and mobile—without the need for Web programming or app development.

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"FileMaker is simply the most powerful solution available on the Apple platform." --ZDnet Review

Mar 27 2014 - ZDNet's Jason O'Grady gives a resounding endorsement of the FM13 Platform: "FileMaker is the most robust database solution for both OS X and iOS, and the new features in version 13 solidify its position at the top of the heap. Whether you're building a simple asset or invoice database, or an enterprise-level solution with multiple concurrent users, FileMaker is simply the most powerful solution available on the Apple platform. "

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FileMaker 13 Wins 5 Stars from MacWorld UK

Jan 3 2014 - If you're already a FileMaker user, the upgrade shouldn't take much thinking about. This version builds significantly on the offering you already have - especially if you need to deploy to mobile devices. If you're looking for a database building tool for the first time, FileMaker Pro 13 has many attractions for you too. Not least of which are the powerful new layout features that make it easy to get started with with database creation.

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PC Magazine on FileMaker 13: "Simply the Best"

Dec 19 2013 - "FileMaker reigns supreme when it comes to building beautiful, custom apps for non-programmers. The commitment to detail and aesthetics is apparent in using the software and I actually find it an enjoyable platform on which to create an app. FileMaker Pro 13 is an easy four and a half out of five stars and an Editors' Choice for business software, and database apps."

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PC World gives FileMaker 13 five stars!

Dec 18 2013 - "FileMaker 13 includes something ground-breaking: WebDirect. WebDirect is a new HTML5-based FileMaker technology that makes it possible for a database built in FileMaker Pro to be accessed through a browser [and] it very, very well. This is the most significant upgrade for FileMaker [in] almost a decade. If you're a developer, I urge you to upgrade, whether you're an ace or a struggling do-it-yourselfer. IT managers should be curious about WebDirect as an alternative to FileMaker Pro for users who don't need to make changes to the design or structure of databases, and of course, if you are responsible for software purchases, you will want to upgrade to FileMaker 13 as soon as the databases you use begin to take advantage of the new features. Even for lone users, FileMaker Pro 13 is the best version of the best all-purpose Mac and iOS database tool."

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FileMaker 13: The database is in your browser -

Dec 3 2013 - FileMaker revealed a major update to its FileMaker database platform that allows users to access FileMaker databases through a browser. The marquee feature of the new FileMaker 13 is FileMaker WebDirect, which allows FileMaker to be used through an HTML5-compliant browser. Changes made through the Web are updated to the FileMaker database in real time, so you can see up-to-date information regardless of which client was used to make the updates. Other new features include AES 256-bit encryption, and an HTML5 administrative console in FileMaker Server 13. FileMaker also has several new features specific to database developers.

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