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Email campaign management - made easy!

FileMaker, Inc., the leading provider of easy-to-use database software, has developed an email campaign management template that gives you instant access to your information. Email campaign management could not be easier, whether you’re running Windows or Mac, or accessing your campaign management information across a network or over the Web!

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Get instant access to email campaign management details

FileMaker Pro 10 includes a pre-designed, ready-to-use database template for email campaign management so you don’t have to design your own email campaign management database from scratch. Plus, you can customize the email campaign management template to meet your specific needs so you’re not confined to a rigid pre-set application or service, like other email campaign management offerings.

You can easily track customer database details including names, numbers, email addresses, pictures, recent orders, related contacts, and much more.

Organize email campaigns

Easily organize your campaign information including templates, recipient lists, history, and more.

Share email campaign reports

Save your reports in PDF or Excel formats and share with others.

Track email campaign status

Access all details such as date sent, recipients, and detailed results of each campaign.

Publish the email campaign management

Easily publish your email database to the Web with a few clicks.

Personalize your email campaign management

Make email templates more personal by merging in customer information such as first name, birth date, last date of purchase, and more.

Runs on Windows and Mac

Cross-platform capability allows multi-user sharing of your asset management database across a network or over the Web.

Do all this and more with FileMaker Pro!

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FileMaker Pro 10

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