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FileMaker Developer Conference 2013

August 12-15, 2013 — San Diego, CA



  • Mark Baum

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Mark is a Senior Developer at FileMaker, Inc. As part of the in-house development team, he works with a wide range of internal FileMaker-based systems as well as various integration technologies. He has 17 years of experience as a FileMaker developer in the areas of desktop publishing, online trade magazines, business-to-business telemarketing, medical research reporting, and physician O.R. scheduling. He is FileMaker 11 and 12 Certified.

    Mark Baum, FileMaker, Inc.
  • Court Bowman

    Cleveland Consulting

    Court is the owner and CEO of Cleveland Consulting, a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, and a FileMaker 12 Certified Developer. He has spoken at the FileMaker Developer Conference and numerous FileMaker user groups around the country. Cleveland Consulting has been developing FileMaker Pro systems for customers around the world for over 15 years and has built solutions for customers in nearly every industry. Cleveland Consulting has developed a number of products for the FileMaker community including CCCalendar and CCPivot.

    Court Bowman, Cleveland Consulting
  • Ray Cologon

    NightWing Enterprises

    Ray is the founder of NightWing Enterprises, Platinum level member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, and is a FileMaker 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Certified Developer. He has a background in the arts, education, and management consulting with over a decade of experience as a FileMaker developer. Ray is an award winning computer trainer, speaker, and a recipient of the 2005 FileMaker Excellence Award for Leadership and Technical Excellence in FileMaker Pro. He is the author of several FileMaker books as well as articles, white papers and training materials. Ray is a long standing contributor to FileMaker discussion lists and co-moderator of several public FileMaker forums.

    Ray Cologon, NightWing Enterprises
  • Molly Connolly

    Thorsen Consulting, Inc.

    Molly Connolly, owner of Thorsen Consulting, is a FileMaker developer who provides business advisory services to other FileMaker developers on how to effectively run and grow their businesses. As a "consultant to consultants" Molly leverages her 15+ years of experience to help companies on a variety of issues including client management, training, recruiting and sales. Molly is active in the FileMaker community and recipient of the prestigious "Outstanding Contribution to the FileMaker Community" award. She is a former founding partner at Soliant Consulting, frequent DevCon speaker and advisory board member of PauseOnError.

    Molly Connolly, Thorsen Consulting, Inc.
  • Jason Fiske

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Jason has been the business account manager for the Atlantic Territory since 2003. He is responsible for working with the top accounts of FileMaker to improve the productivity of individuals and workgroups. Jason is a 20 year veteran of field sales and major account management. He has worked with business, education and government accounts in the software, hardware and services industries. Prior to joining FileMaker, Inc., Jason worked at AT&T as a product manager. Jason meets with over 150 FileMaker customers per year.

    Jason Fiske, FileMaker, Inc.
  • Doug Gardner

    Exoteric Inc.

    Doug is the founder of Exoteric Inc., a Toronto-based FileMaker consultancy with clients in Canada and the United States. While working on his Ph.D. at York University in Toronto he lectured in front of audiences large and small. A previous FileMaker Developer Conference speaker, Doug has worked as a FileMaker developer for the past 18 years. He has written numerous articles for FileMaker Advisor Magazine. Doug is a FileMaker 12 Certified Developer.

    Doug Gardner, Exoteric Inc.
  • Todd Geist

    geist interactive

    Todd started using FileMaker Pro in the early 90's when he was working as a biomedical researcher at Washington University in St Louis, MO. In 7 years, he co-authored 17 research papers that were published in peer review journals and built hundreds of FileMaker Pro databases. In 1997, he left academics to pursue a career in information technology. Since then he has been working almost exclusively with FileMaker Pro. He has written several articles for Advisor Magazine and has contributed to white papers published by FileMaker, Inc. He has been a speaker at several FileMaker Developer Conferences and MacWorlds and is a FileMaker 12 Certified Developer.

    Todd Geist, geist interactive
  • Lance Hallberg

    TradeSchool Inc

    Lance Hallberg began using FileMaker Pro at version 3.0. In the past 15 years, his company FM Synergy, has been developing database and web solutions for apprenticeship and construction industries. In 2012, Lance became the president/CEO of TradeSchool Inc, a company which focuses directly on providing Custom Web Publishing solutions with PHP and FileMaker, in conjunction with their vertical market apprenticeship solution TradeSchool. Lance has spoken at four previous DevCons, authored technical articles, published a video training series with VTC and worked with FileMaker, Inc. on their FileMaker API for PHP extension.

    Lance Hallberg, TradeSchool Inc
  • David Head

    FileMaker, Inc.

    David Head, FileMaker Systems Engineer, based in Sydney Australia, provides technical expertise and advice to FileMaker customers and developers. He has been developing FileMaker solutions since 1990, and is a FileMaker 12 Certified Developer. David has developed and presented full day seminars including Getting to Know FileMaker 12 and Building Custom Business Solutions for FileMaker Go. He is an experienced presenter and FileMaker Authorized Trainer with a skill for making complex concepts easy to understand.

    David Head, FileMaker, Inc.
  • Dawn Heady

    Soliant Consulting

    Dawn is a senior technical project lead for Soliant Consulting and brings more then 23 years of FileMaker solution architecting experience. Dawn is co-author of the book "FileMaker 12 Developer Reference," a FileMaker Authorized Trainer, and FileMaker 12 Certified Developer. She is a regular speaker at the annual FileMaker Developer Conference, FileMaker webinars, and has been contributor to the FileMaker ENews. In 2004, FileMaker, Inc. selected Dawn as a FileMaker 7 Idol finalist for her solution "Interface-RAD." Dawn is based out of Soliant's Chicago office and resides near Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Dawn Heady, Soliant Consulting
  • Cristoffer Ippolite

    iSolutions, Inc.

    Cris is the president and founder of iSolutions, Inc., a Los Angeles based FileMaker development firm known for bleeding edge technology integrations. iSolutions is a Platinum-level FileMaker Business Alliance member. Cris is a FileMaker 7,8,9,10,11 and 12 Certified Developer and a FileMaker Authorized Trainer. He has been working with FileMaker for 22 years and is actively involved in all development projects for iSolutions, Inc. clients. Cris is a veteran DevCon speaker enjoying his 13th year as a speaker.

    Cristoffer Ippolite, iSolutions, Inc.