FileMaker Excellence Award Winners for 2011

Each year, FileMaker recognizes FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) partners who have demonstrated an impressive level of professionalism and creativity in using FileMaker software to deliver excellent solutions to their customers.

The FileMaker Excellence Award winners are chosen from over 1200 FBA members worldwide who are FileMaker consultants, solution providers, plug-in developers, trainers, and hosting companies that serve a wide variety of industries.

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FileMaker Excellence Award Winners

FileMaker Excellence Award for Business Driver of the Year

First Insight Corporation, mair pro GmbH, KAMAR Limited, and Genecom, Inc. are being honored for their overall sales achievement. They have sold the most FileMaker software licenses in their respective geography for 2011:

FileMaker Excellence Award for Outstanding Contribution to the FileMaker Community

Mark Richman of Skeleton Key

Mark Richman of Skeleton Key is being honored for raising the level of professionalism in the FileMaker community by sharing his business practices and training. Through webinars, user group presentations, and DevCons, he has shared his expertise in optimizing FileMaker solutions for better performance. His influence has extended beyond the FileMaker community, he’s been an advocate for FileMaker teaching best practices using FileMaker Server Advanced to the Apple Consultant Network members.

FileMaker Excellence Award Evangelist of the Year

Matt Navarre of MSN Media, Inc.

Matt Navarre of MSN Media, Inc. is being honored for boldly embracing and promoting FileMaker technologies, especially new features in both his consulting business and his endeavors with the community. He runs the Portland FileMaker User Group. He also helps coordinate speakers, working closely with his FileMaker Business Account Manager for the West Coast User Groups (Seattle, Portland, San Francisco Bay, and Santa Clara). He's co-created and hosted an informative series of FileMaker podcasts for both FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go.

FileMaker Excellence Award for Solution of the Year

DocuBin from 360Works

360 works is being honored for DocuBin, a cross-platform system that manages documents and digital assets for individuals and organizations on your desktop, and is optimized for the iPhone and iPad. Learn more about DocuBin.

FBA New Comer of the Year in Japan

Habataku Yoshimura of Photron Medical Imaging, Inc.

With their circulatory organ catheter FileMaker Pro solution, Habataku Yoshimura of Photron Medical Imaging, Inc. is the top Solutions Bundle Agreement (SBA) seller company in Japan this year.

FBA New Comer of the Year in Europe

Julian Johnson of RuggedReef Ltd

With a combination of the love for sailing and technical abilities, Julian Johnson of RuggedReef Ltd. has rapidly grown his business in the last two years building successful systems for major sailing companies in Europe using FileMaker Pro.

FBA Business Partner of the Year for Europe


DataTherapy has been a loyal and supportive business partner for more than 10 years. They host and support the quarterly FileMaker Business Alliance and TechNet meetings and have presented at many of them. They offer FileMaker clients a very healthy array of technical skills, including web hosting, Terminal Services expertise, web services, iOS app development and superb FileMaker Pro development and training.

FBA Business Partner of the Year in the Americas

FullCity Consulting, Inc.

Adam Aronson, owner of FullCity Consulting, is proactive, energetic, and has a positive go-getter attitude. He does great work with high profile clients such as the New York State Courts. Not only does he run a successful business, but he also is very dedicated to the success of FileMaker the product and the FileMaker community working with FileMaker Business Alliance members and in-house developers.  He ensures the user groups he organizes have quality speakers and interesting topics (he heads three developer groups — New Jersey, Upstate New York (Albany), Central New York (Syracuse).  

FBA Business Partner and Business Driver of the Year in Japan

Genecom, Inc.

Genecom, Inc. has been instrumental in driving volume licensing for FileMaker Pro in Japan. They are one of the most active training companies, holding FileMaker Training Series training every month. They also train medical professionals to use their successful FileMaker Pro solution that integrates with the hospital’s Electronic Health Record “EHR” system which has earned them a lot of credibility in the industry. They are very active in the community, supporting and helping other training companies and user groups.

FBA Business Partner of the Year in Asia Pac

KAMAR Limited

As an IT high school teacher, Kent Lendrum of Kamar built a FileMaker High School Admin System deploying it at three schools in his local high school cluster. Today, over 12,000 teachers in New Zealand use this solution. He currently has 50% of the market share of the high school New Zealand admin market. He holds an annual user conference attended by 300+ teachers from more than 200 New Zealand schools. Kamar is the top FBA business driver for FileMaker Pro licensing in Asia Pacific.

The 2011 FileMaker Mad Dog Public Relations Winners

FileMaker Public Relations awarded the coveted Mad Dog PR Award to seven FileMaker Developers at DevCon. The winners, representing the U.S., Europe, and Japan were acknowledged for their contributions in assisting with advancing awareness of the FileMaker platform in the media and within social media outlets.

Winners included:


Adam Aronson, FullCity Consulting, Inc.
Molly Connolly, Thorsen Consulting
Agnes Riley, ZeroBlue Technology Solutions
John Sindelar, SeedCode LLC


Dan Box, Cordis Technologies
HOnza Koudelka, 24U Software


Japanese Society for User-Made Medical IT Systems

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