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Could you tell me more about the FileMaker Business Alliance?

The FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) is designed exclusively for companies that provide products and services based on the FileMaker product line. This includes FileMaker consultants, trainers, publishers, commercial solution providers, plug-in providers, and hosting companies. Companies looking to increase their business opportunities through exclusive sales and marketing support from FileMaker would benefit from FBA membership. The FBA provides a host of resources including promotional benefits, sales resources, co-marketing opportunities and product discounts to help you grow your business.

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What are the requirements to become a FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) member?

In addition to the online application, FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) applicants must have been in business for at least one year, must be a full daytime business concern and must provide a valid business license upon request. In addition, the following must be submitted as application for FBA membership:

  1. A sample of your work, using the most current version of FileMaker Pro. For example:
    • Consultants - sample of your solution
    • Plug-in developers - sample of your plug-in
    • Trainers - current schedule of courses
    • Publishers - sample of the printed material
    • Hosting Providers - provide proof that you provide
    • 24/7 availability
    • automatic notification of downtime
    • reporting on downtime per month
    • secured server facility
    • dedicated server and FileMaker Server application
  2. Marketing Materials (website, brochure, resume, etc.)
  3. Two (2) business references. References should include: a) customers you have developed and deployed a FileMaker solution for in the last year which should include first and last name, company, email address, city, state and b) a brief description of the work you performed.
  4. A product and services description (This is your marketing statement describing your product and/or services that a customer would see when clicking on your company via the FileMaker web site).
  5. Membership Fee ($499 plus applicable state sales tax). Payment is not requested until the application has been reviewed and approved.
    Send the information to: or

    FileMaker, Inc.
    FileMaker Business Alliance
    MS C-15
    5201 Patrick Henry Drive
    Santa Clara, CA 95054

What will I receive once I've been accepted in the FileMaker Business Alliance?

Once approved, FileMaker Business Alliance members will receive a confirmation email that payment for membership has been received. Members will also receive a welcome email from their local regional office. The email you receive will contain your information on how to access the FileMaker Business Alliance Members Only web site. This web site contains resources such as your FileMaker Sales Rep contact information, sales tools, logos, and more. The primary contact of the FBA membership will be subscribed to Biz Talk, the online FileMaker business forum. Later via regular mail, you will receive a member pack with a Certificate of Membership, and instructions on the best ways to work with FileMaker, co-marketing opportunities, and how to get the most out of your relationship with FileMaker.

We have a FileMaker consulting business, a training facility, and we also sell a commercial product. How would I benefit from joining the FileMaker Business Alliance?

For one FileMaker Business Alliance membership fee, the company, if requirements are met, may have a listing in the consultant, training and solution directories on the FileMaker web site.

One of the benefits of the FBA program is "Sales Support from FileMaker." What exactly does this mean for my company?

Many of our members attribute significant amounts of their business to leads generated from FileMaker web sites. In addition, the FBA now gives members a direct line to the FileMaker sales team through an online forum and special meetings.

I understand the FileMaker Business Alliance program is a $499 annual membership fee. What is the cost to become “Platinum” level in the FBA program?

Platinum members of the FileMaker Business Alliance are nominated by FileMaker Business Account Managers or Regional Managers. There is not a formal application process and an additional fee is not required for this level. Contact your local or regional FileMaker Business Account Manager for more information.

What are the requirements to become an FBA Trainer level member?

Training centers and individual trainers who provide customers with hands-on instruction for FileMaker software products may qualify for the FBA - Trainer Level program. Members receive all the benefits of the FBA plus FileMaker software to use in for their training courses (Educational Software Grant). In addition to the minimum requirements of a FileMaker Business Alliance member, a Trainer level applicant must provide a published schedule of training courses related to FileMaker Pro. The company must have a training facility, and a web site with an online registration form or information on how to register for a class.

If applying as an INDIVIDUAL trainer, please indicate so in the application. A sample of course materials and FileMaker certification is a plus. Customer references must be students that attended a training class delivered by your company. No additional membership fee is required.

What is the 30-seat Educational Software Grant?

FileMaker Business Alliance Trainer level members may apply for the 30-seat Educational Software Grant at no additional cost. This allows trainers to install up to 30-seats of the current version of FileMaker Pro in their facility for use in their training courses. Certain restrictions apply.

We encourage trainer level members to provide instructional courses in the latest versions of FileMaker Pro.

I have multiple offices, how can I get them listed on the FileMaker web site?

FileMaker Business Alliance members, for an additional fee, may list additional branch offices in the Consultants directory on the FileMaker web site. (Note: This does not include Trainer locations for a Trainer directory listing. Companies with an additional training site must purchase a second FBA membership)

As set forth in your FBA Agreement, you may, upon approval by FileMaker add an additional location to the FBA Directory (see FBA Agreement for details and limitations). Each additional listing is subject to an annual fee of US $100.00. P.O. Boxes or home addresses will not be accepted.

The separate fee for each additional location is a flat annual fee, regardless of what point during the FBA members' membership year the additional location is added. Further, the term for each additional location will be coterminous with the FBA membership term. (For example, if your membership year began on 5/1/2010, and you were to enroll an additional location on 11/1/2010, then you would pay the full flat annual fee of $100 for the additional location for that year, and the additional location would expire on 5/1/2011, at the same time that your FBA membership expires.)

What is the FileMaker policy as it relates Trainer level members and additional training listings?

If you offer FileMaker training and have multiple training locations, you must purchase additional memberships for $499. In addition to the listing in the Training Directory on the FileMaker web site, you will be eligible to apply for the FileMaker Educational Software Grant at no additional cost.

I have a commercial solution built in FileMaker Pro. I'd like to sell it as a bundle with FileMaker Pro. Are there any buying options for me?

The Solution Bundle Agreement (SBA) is a software discount program designed for FileMaker Business Alliance members who want to distribute FileMaker software bundled with their professionally developed solutions. FileMaker Pro, and FileMaker Server are available for special volume discounts in this program.

Here are the minimum requirements to qualify:

  1. Available only to FileMaker Business Alliance members
  2. All Software Licenses issued are in your business name, not your end users' business name.
  3. You MUST bundle the FileMaker SBA licenses with your approved solution.
  4. You must provide a list of end customers with each order.
  5. Initial orders must be 10 or more licenses and sets the price tier for the first year.
  6. There is a 5 license minimum for reorders.
  7. Annually, you must purchase and or renew at least 50 licenses.
  8. FileMaker reserve the right to audit.

Application Process:

  1. You must have a valid FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) membership
  2. Download the SBA Application from the FBA members only area.
  3. Submit application with your solution(s) to FileMaker for review. If your solution requires FileMaker Server, please specify when you submit your application.
  4. If approved, FileMaker will send an agreement. Your initial order and signed agreement will complete the application process.

Americas Contact: Stephen Day
(408) 987-3916
Contact FileMaker, Inc. Licensing Sales
(800) 725-2747

Members outside of the Americas: Please contact your regional FileMaker sales representative.

I'd like to be able to offer my clients a full turnkey solution (e.g. bundling FileMaker Pro with my solution) and order FileMaker software as needed. Is there a buying option for me?

FBA members have the ability to purchase FileMaker software FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS' USE at a SIGNIFICANT discount through Preferred VAR Pricing. Please call your local FileMaker sales representative to place your order. Be sure to mention you are an FBA member and would like to purchase for your client under the Preferred VAR Pricing program.

Do I need to sign up for the FileMaker Community if I am an FBA member?

No. The primary contact of the FBA company will automatically be enrolled in the FileMaker Community. New members will receive a Welcome email with login information and will then have access to technical resources such as technical briefs, white papers, how-to articles, invitations to exclusive web seminars, access to the Technical Resource Library and iOS Development Resources. You’ll also get access to the Developer discussion forum where you can meet and exchange ideas with other FileMaker users and developers. We encourage that all employees of an FBA company each sign up for the FileMaker Community.

As an FBA member do I receive a FREE annual subscription to the FileMaker Developer Subscription?

No. FBA members do not receive a FREE annual subscription to the FileMaker Developer Subscription. We highly recommend that at least one member of your organization purchase the FileMaker Developer Subscription. For US$99/annual, you receive the Development License of FileMaker Server Advanced, an electronic version of the FileMaker Training Series manual, and pre-release software when available. You must be a FileMaker Community member to purchase the FileMaker Developer Subscription.

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