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Keysoft Helps to Expand the Functionality of Real Estate Software Solution, Complete Data, Integrating FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone

Over the past 12 years Lee Woodward, Australia’s leading real estate trainer and founder of Real Estate Academy (REA), developed Complete Data, a specialised database built in FileMaker Pro to suit the needs of the real estate industry. Since its launch Complete Data sales have flourished and it is now the pre-eminent business system used by some 3000 real estate agents throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The user friendly database tracks contracts, provides sales and administration staff with date related reminders for advising buyers and sellers of key dates, allows agents to match buyers with sellers, provides automated SMS message delivery to targeted contact lists and produces sales timelines for individual properties.

In 2008 Woodward decided to move the entire Complete Data functionality to the web and outlaid $254,000 on the conversion. When the final product underwent performance testing a number of severe deficiencies were revealed. Complex searches that are easy to conduct in Complete Data proved to be impossible in the web application and rudimentary searches suffered from unacceptable performance delays.

Woodward decided to abandon the failing web development and focus entirely on expanding the functionality of the FileMaker system. REA formed a partnership with FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) member, Keysoft, to re-design Complete Data and incorporate key features of FileMaker Go to enable users to access the database via their iPad or iPhone.

Woodward said: “Real estate agents often spend more time on the road then they do sitting at their desks, so providing our customers with the ability to access the agency’s database even when they are on site at an inspection or auction via their iPad or iPhone was a necessary progression. The integration of FileMaker Go’s capabilities with Complete Data means that agents can now update contact details, record sale leads and access all information stored within their agency’s central database on the spot

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