Water and Energy Savers increase their business and staff

"FileMaker has become the cornerstone of our organisation and has significantly enhanced our ability to adapt quickly to changing climates and conditions" James Tinney, Business Systems and Performance Manager, Water and Energy Savers

Water & Energy Savers is made up of a number of specialised business units with specific requirements and processes. The challenge Water & Energy Savers was facing was keeping up with significant growth across its five national sites and unifying the manual and segregated processes of each unit, while still maintaining their autonomy
In addition, the company was experiencing a change in direction as it developed it’s program delivery division, complimenting it’s traditional consulting practice. James Tinney, Business Systems and Performance Manager, Water & Energy Savers, commented; “It was very clear that with such major changes to both our company’s size and direction that the manual systems we had been reliant on would be insufficient. What we needed was a flexible and reliable solution to integrate and unite our business units.”
To successfully integrate all of the company’s water and energy saving programs they needed a centralised database with multi-site functionality. Tinney said; “We needed a database that would be responsible for all our contact information and customer relationship management, vendor relations, stock integration and control, labour cost tracking, auditing and service requests. It was imperative then that the system we choose be capable of reducing data entry repetition and user friendly enough for staff to pick up promptly and use efficiently. It was a professional, user-friendly, integrated program that we needed to enable our company to grow.”
About Water & Energy Savers:
Water & Energy Savers is an innovative Australian organisation at the global forefront of developing, providing and managing practical, technical and engineered solutions for the water and energy resources used by commercial and industrial organisations in both the government and private sectors. Over the last 16 years its spectrum of service has evolved from a traditional engineering consulting practice to include program and project management in response to the ever changing needs of its clients.
Water & Energy Savers solutions make it easy for organisations to reduce water and energy use. Through efficiency, sustainability and innovation Water & Energy Savers improves and delivers sustainable water and energy efficiency for business by reducing both usage and wastage or, as is the case with solar energy, providing alternative solutions that reduce reliance on traditional energy sources.
Having outgrown its existing systems and processes, Water & Energy Savers decided to implement a custom built database that would grow with the company whilst simplifying and unifying business processes. With a background in software development and experience in using FileMaker in the past, the company’s Systems and Performance Manager James Tinney was confident that FileMaker Pro was the right product to meet the company’s needs.
Tinney explained; “FileMaker’s flexibility really appealed to us. Its ability to allow us to quickly develop reliable custom-built database solutions for any of the varied programs that we might undertake in future is an invaluable advantage. Not only does this kind of functionality significantly reduce our administration resources and increase consultant efficiency, but it helps, rather than hinders our current and future business expansion.”
Key Benefits:

Water & Energy Savers had FileMaker up and running in less than two weeks and the benefits of a well integrated database were immediately noticeable
“Bringing what were traditionally very segregated business process together in the one database was somewhat daunting, because there were always concerns that we would be forced to have generic modules across all the program modules. FileMaker does of course have these generic modules, but it also gives us the prerogative to tailor specific programs to be managed in whichever way that particular business unit determines is best,” said Tinney.

As a result, all the individual business units are as efficient as possible and subsequently the company as a whole is far better managed, with time-consuming manual systems becoming almost completely redundant.
“It was a huge relief to move away from our manual systems. One particularly tedious process was our grant applications, but FileMaker enables our staff to process these four times faster, with significantly improved accuracy. Overall our administration time has been significantly reduced and our consultants are therefore able to be far more efficient.” commented Tinney.

Key benefits of FileMaker include:
A user friendly interface that provides staff quick access to accurate data
A fully customisable database for individual business units
A cost-effective solution to uniting all business processes
An improvement in the way different departments work together throughout the company via the seamless integration of modules

He added; “Our business has experienced some really exciting changes over the past few months and now we can continue to move forward with the support of a user friendly solution that will always be tailored to meet our changing needs. FileMaker ultimately acts as a fully integrated module for each business unit. It has transformed the business, allowing us to develop a reliable, user friendly and cost effective database solution to handle our companies varied and unique business requirements.”
Water and Energy Saver’s FileMaker Pro solution has grown both in size and in scope, just as the business has. Tinney concluded; “FileMaker has become the cornerstone of the organisation and has significantly enhanced our ability to adapt quickly to changing climates and conditions.”

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