Replacing the contents of a field
You can replace the contents of a field in all records or in a found set with a new value, a calculation, or a serial number.
Important  This process overwrites a field in every record (or every record in the found set) with a new value. You can't undo replacing field values. Before you begin, consider making a backup copy of the file.
To replace field values in every record in the found set:
For more information, see Finding, sorting, and replacing data.
In Browse mode, in the current record, select the contents of the field you want to replace.
Choose Records menu > Replace Field Contents.
Replace with “<value>. FileMaker Pro replaces the contents of the field for the entire found set.
Replace with serial numbers, then type the starting value for the serial numbers in Initial value, and the incremental value in Increment by.
If the field is defined to automatically enter a serial number, you can select Update serial number in Entry Options to reset the next value in the Options for Field dialog box.
Replace with calculated result, then click Specify. In the Specify Calculation dialog box, enter the calculation you want evaluated. (The result must match the field type of the replaced field.) Click OK.
Note  For more information about the Specify Calculation dialog box, see Specify Calculation dialog box.
Click Replace.
You can't replace calculation or summary fields or fields defined with the global storage option.
If you select Update serial number in Entry Options, the next automatically entered value for this field (after the replace is performed) follows in sequence. If you clear this option, the next value isn't changed in the Options for Field dialog box. The next automatically entered value is based on the current settings (not in sequence with the records reserialized by this replace task.)
You can modify a field's existing values by using a calculation that includes the field. For example, you can change the value Gross Pay to the results of the calculation Gross Pay + 1000. See Defining calculation fields.
You can use a calculation to add a suffix or prefix to an existing field value. For example, to append “-01” to all the values in the “Partnumber” field in the found set, enter Partnumber & “-01” in the Specify Calculation dialog box. The result must match the field type of the replaced field.
In FileMaker Pro 10, there was a change to how FileMaker Pro performs the Replace Field Contents and Relookup Field Contents commands and script steps. Replace/relookup operations are now performed without committing the active record. This change only affects multiple uncommitted records in a window transaction, as when you do a replace/relookup on related records in a portal. If there are uncommitted records in the window that are affected by the operation, these changes will be made using the window's transaction and remain uncommitted until you choose to commit the changes following the completion of the operation. All other records will be modified and committed during the operation as before. For more information about committing data, see Committing data in records.
Important  To avoid confusion when replacing dates in FileMaker Pro, always enter dates with four-digit years. For more information, see Conversion of dates with two-digit years.
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