Solving basic conversion problems
Here are some suggestions for correcting problems that could occur during conversion.
FileMaker Pro 11 can’t open my file
FileMaker Pro 11 can’t convert databases that were created with FileMaker Pro 1.x or 2.x. For more information, see Converting FileMaker Pro 1.x and 2.x databases.
My file didn’t convert properly
I received a consistency check or auto-repair message when I opened my original file with that version of FileMaker Pro.
Try recovering the original file using your version of FileMaker Pro. Then open the recovered file with that same version, close the file, and then try converting it with FileMaker Pro 11.
The converted file won’t accept my password
Passwords are case-sensitive in FileMaker Pro. Make sure you enter your password exactly as it was created in a previous version of FileMaker Pro. If you are the owner of the original file or the database administrator, open the original file using a previous version of FileMaker Pro and look at the password in the Define Passwords dialog box. If you are not the owner of the file or the database administrator, consult your database administrator for password information.
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