Install OnTimer Script
Runs a specified script at the specified interval. Installs a single timer per window. After the specified interval has passed, the next time the application is idle, runs the specified script.
Install OnTimer Script [“<script>”; Interval: <number>]
Click Specify to set the variable options:
Specify script is the script that you want to run.
Interval seconds is the value in seconds that the timer waits before running the script.
This script step is:
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 10.0
This step repeats until the window in which it is running closes or its options change. You can also halt the step by specifying another Install OnTimer Script script step for the window with no script specified.
The default interval is blank; you must specify a script and an interval. Specifying blank for interval cancels any OnTimer scripts that are running for the selected window.
The following example runs the script MyScript every 10 minutes.
Install OnTimer Script [“MyScript”; Interval: 600]
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