Go to Object
Moves to the specified object on the current layout.
Go to Object [Object Name: "<object name>";
Repetition: <repetition number>]
Click Specify to display the "Go to Object" Options dialog box, where you can set the following options:
Object Name is the named object to make active on the current layout. To assign an object name, choose View menu > Inspector in Layout mode. Click Position, then enter a name for the object.
Repetition (optional) lets you choose a field's repetition to go to. Otherwise defaults to 1. This option is ignored if the object is not a field.
This script step is also supported in web publishing and in a FileMaker Server scheduled script.
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier
This script step uses an object name to identify an object, so you must assign a unique object name to each object on a layout that you want to go to.
Note  If the object is a repeating field, you can also specify which repetition that you want to go to.
The following example navigates to a text field named "First name":
Go to Object [Object Name: "First Name"]
The following example navigates to a button named "Launch button":
Go to Object [Object Name: "Launch button"]
The following example navigates to the repetition (2) of a field named "Value":
Go to Object [Object Name: "Value"; Repetition: 2]
The following example navigates to an object whose name is the current day of the week:
Go to Object [Object Name: DayName (Get(CurrentDate))]
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