Delete Record/Request
In Browse mode, deletes the current record. In Find mode, deletes the current find request.
Delete Record/Request [No dialog]
Perform without dialog prevents the deletion confirmation dialog box from displaying when the script step executes.
This script step is also supported in web publishing and in a FileMaker Server scheduled script.
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier
Make sure that the record you want to delete is active (use navigation script steps), and then use Delete Record/Request. If the current layout contains a portal, use Exit Record/Request to make sure that no related record is selected, then use Delete Record/Request.
Use the Delete Portal Row script step. If Delete Record/Request executes when a related field in a portal is selected, the user sees a dialog box that asks whether the master record or related record should be deleted. (Note that Allow deletion of portal records must also be selected in the Portal Setup dialog box to enable deletion of related records.)
Important  You cannot undo a Delete Record/Request script step.
Perform Find [Restore]
Delete Record/Request [ ]
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