Omit Multiple Records
Omits several records from the found set, starting with the current record, and places you on the next record in the table.
Omit Multiple Records [No dialog; <number of records>]
Perform without dialog prevents a dialog box from displaying when the script step executes; the dialog lets the user enter the number of records to be omitted.
When Perform without dialog is selected, if you do not specify the number of records, only the current record is omitted.
Select Specify records or click Specify to enter the exact number of records you want to omit. You can also click Specify in the Options dialog box and enter a calculation. The calculation result must be a number.
This script step is also supported in web publishing and in a FileMaker Server scheduled script.
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier
This script step temporarily hides the omitted records. If this script step is performed from Layout mode, FileMaker Pro switches to Browse mode after the script step has been performed.
Perform Find [Restore]
Omit Multiple Records [No Dialog, 3]
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