Convert File
Converts a supported file type into a FileMaker Pro file.
Convert File [“<filename>”]
Specify data source lets you choose the file or source of the data to be converted. If you don’t specify a file, FileMaker Pro displays the Open File dialog box when the script step executes. For more information about converting files, see the conversion information in the FileMaker Pro User’s Guide.
When you choose this file or source
In the Specify XML and XSL Options dialog box, choose the source of the XML data that you want to import, and choose an XSLT style sheet if you want to apply one prior to import. The XML and XSLT source may be a file or the result of an HTTP request, or a field that contains a file path or an HTTP request. For more information, see Importing XML data.
Perform without dialog prevents certain dialog boxes from displaying when the script step is run.
In these two cases, the default settings for those dialog boxes are used instead.
This script step is:
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier
See Supported import/export file formats for more information.
Note  You cannot use this command to convert the contents of a folder. Each file in a folder must be converted separately.
Convert File [“mydata.fp5”]
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