Prints information in a file.
Print [Restore; No dialog]
Select Perform without dialog to prevent the Print dialog box from displaying when the script step executes.
Select Specify print options or click Specify to specify an output destination. When the script executes, the output from this script step is sent to the printer or fax you specified.
Mac OS: As an alternative to specifying a printer or fax, you can:
Click PDF in the Print dialog box, then choose a PDF option from the list or choose Edit menu to define a custom PDF output format or destination
Click Preview in the Print dialog box to specify that the output of the script opens in the user’s default print preview application
If you do not specify an output destination before saving the script or if the specified printer cannot be found when the script executes, the output from the script step is sent to the user’s default printer.
This script step is:
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier
Multiple print steps can be added to a script. You can store print options with this script step, or allow the user to enter printing criteria when the step executes.
If the print job needs special page setup options to print correctly, add a Print Setup script step before the Print step.
Mac OS: If a FileMaker Pro 9 (or earlier) file contains a script with Print Script [restore; no dialog], the output goes to the default OS printer when you run the script in a later version of FileMaker Pro (for example, FileMaker Pro 10 or 11). You can recreate print scripts in the later version if you want to change the printer.
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