Dial Phone
Dials a phone from within a script.
Dial Phone [No dialog; <phone number>]
Perform without dialog prevents the Dial Phone dialog box from displaying when the script step executes.
Click Specify to display the “Dial Phone” Options dialog box where you can set the following options.
Phone Number lets you enter a phone number to dial.
Specify lets you create a calculation to generate the phone number.
Use Dialing Preferences (if NDISWAN TAPI is not installed) tells FileMaker Pro to use the current phone dialing preferences, based on your location. These preferences remove, insert, and append digits to phone numbers, as when a dialing prefix is required in a business setting. This option can apply to phone numbers provided from a field value or to a number that the user enters. (If TAPI is installed, modem and dialing preferences are set in the Phone Dialer accessory application.)
This script step is:
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier
You can enter a phone number or specify a calculation to create a phone number. You can also choose whether to use the current phone preferences based on your current location. You can specify number, text, calculation, or global fields, and letters within the phone number are translated to numbers (except for q and z).
Important  The Dial Phone script step is not supported in Mac OS X.
The following script repeatedly dials the phone number in the PhoneNumber field, up to ten times.
Set Field [Contacts::gCount; 0]
Dial Phone [No dialog; Contacts::PhoneNumber]
Set Field [Contacts::gCount; Contacts::gCount + 1]
Exit Loop If [Contacts::gCount > 10]
End Loop
This script dials local directory assistance.
Dial Phone [No dialog; 411]
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