Returns the current latitude and longitude on a device such as an iPad or iPhone that is running FileMaker Go. The location is obtained via GPS, cellular network, or WiFi.
Location (accuracy {; timeout})
accuracy - any numeric expression or field containing a number that represents a distance in meters.
timeout - any numeric expression or field containing a number that represents the most time it will take to fetch the location. Measured in seconds, the default value is 60.
Parameters in curly braces { } are optional.
Data type returned 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 12.0
Returns and caches the location of a device in the format latitude, longitude. You can use the values that are returned to query map services. Location fetches the location values until timeout. If you cancel the process, FileMaker Go returns the most accurate location in the cache (if any).
If no location is received, FileMaker Go returns an empty string. In FileMaker Pro, Location returns an empty string.
Note  To avoid excessive battery consumption and repeat fetches, specify a smaller number for timeout.
Location returns the following latitude and longitude for a device:
+37.400000, -121.980000
Location ( 100; 40 ) takes up to 40 seconds to return the latitude and logitude with an accuracy of 100 meters.
+110.230000, -131.340000
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