Adding scroll bars to fields
Add a vertical scroll bar to the right side of a field to see more data than fits in the field's boundaries in Browse mode. (You can't add scroll bars to container fields, repeating fields, or fields formatted to use a value list.) Scroll bars can display all the time or only when you’re scrolling in the field.
Note  You can also add a scroll bar to a portal. See Creating portals to display related records.
To add scroll bars to fields:
In Layout mode, select one or more fields.
For more information, see Selecting objects. You can also specify attributes for fields you add later by starting with no fields selected.
Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click Data.
In the Field area, for Control Style, choose Edit box.
Select Show vertical scroll bar, then choose one of the following:
Always (the default) displays the scroll bar whether or not scrolling is occurring
When scrolling displays the scroll bar only during scrolling