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FileMaker Go 13 for iPad and iPhone is available free from the App Store. And since it's now a universal app, you can get one download that runs on all your iOS devices running iOS 6 or later.

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Note: concurrent connection charges to databases hosted with FileMaker Server may apply.

What’s New in FileMaker Go 13

FileMaker Go 13 is the newest version of the leading database app for iPad and iPhone. Use FileMaker Go to run custom business solutions created with FileMaker Pro, and get faster data entry, more iOS features, and better security.

FileMaker Go What's New

iOS keyboard types

  • Make data entry faster and easier on iPad and iPhone with new keyboards types.
  • New keyboard types include: ASCII, URL, email, numeric 10-key, numeric keypad, number and punctuation, and phone number.
  • Keyboards are specified in FileMaker Pro 13 for use in FileMaker Go 13.
Bar code scanning

Bar code scanning

  • Add bar code scanning to your FileMaker solutions running on iPad and iPhone – without requiring additional plug-ins.
  • Scan barcodes to instantly see associated data appear in the appropriate fields as specified in FileMaker Pro.
  • Supports a variety of barcode types, including UPC codes and QR codes.

Redesigned Starter Solutions

  • Take design cues from the entirely redesigned Starter Solutions for Contacts, Assets, Content Management and Invoices.
  • The fresh, new looks take advantage of new features in the FileMaker 13, including bar code scanning, popovers and slide controls. View Starter Solutions
Starter Solutions
Slide control

Slide control

  • Similar to a tab control, the new slide control lets you add multiple sliding panels to your forms to create swappable regions of content.
  • Great for making the most use of valuable screen space on iPad and iPhone.
  • Implement slide controls in FileMaker Pro 13 for use in FileMaker Go 13.
Swipe gestures

Swipe gestures

  • Use swipe gestures to navigate faster on iPad and iPhone.
  • Use a 1-finger swipe gesture to change panels in a slide control.
  • Use a 2-finger swipe gesture to change records.

Animation support

The new swipe gestures support animation for smooth visual transitions when changing records or sliding to the next panel.

Popovers and touch themes

Popovers and Touch themes

  • Add iOS-style popovers to your layouts to group fields, add links and display other details.
  • Popovers also provide useful choices for navigating to new areas of the solution without opening multiple windows.
  • Choose from five new theme designs that include a variety of built-in styles where buttons, fonts and field sizes are all optimized for iPad and iPhone.
  • Implement popovers and Touch themes in FileMaker Pro 13 for use in FileMaker Go 13.
Data Encryption

Data encryption

  • In addition to data being encrypted while it’s moving over a network or the web, your data is now also encrypted while on your device or hosted on FileMaker Server 13. AES 256-bit encryption ensures that the security of your data is protected even if the file or device gets out of your control.

Encryption state indicator

  • See the encryption state when accessing files hosted with FileMaker Server.
  • A lock icon displays to indicate when connections to the server are encrypted, and the lock turns green if the connection is using a trusted security certificate.

Enabling data encryption requires FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced.

Univeresal App

Now a universal app

  • FileMaker Go for iPad and FileMaker Go for iPhone are now combined into a single universal app, FileMaker Go 13 for iPad and iPhone.
  • With a single download, you can install FileMaker Go 13 on your iPad, iPad mini, iPhone or iPod touch. Devices require iOS 6 and above.
  • The FileMaker Go 13 app remains free, however, there may be charges associated with concurrent connections to databases hosted with FileMaker Server 13.
    Learn more about concurrent connections

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