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FileMaker Pro 13 Features Description
More design features Custom themes, custom styles, more inspector attributes, redesigned starter solutions, the ability to control object visibility via calculations and much more.
More iOS specific features Redesigned Layout/Report Assistant, Slide control, more swipe gestures, popovers, new keyboard types, bar code scanning, new script steps, new Script Triggers, new functions, and new calculations.
More development features Enhanced container fields, calculated tab control titles, calculated dialog button titles, more script steps, more Script Triggers, more functions, and more calculations
More security features Date encryption (enabling requires FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced), encryption state indicator, and Get Encryption State function. View all new features in FileMaker Pro 13> goes to What's new page.
View all new features in FileMaker Pro 13
FileMaker Pro 12 Features Description
Eye-catching layout themes Apply one of 40 stunning new themes to instantly change the look of your database.
More design layout tools Use alignment and drag out guides along with customisable grids to get the design precision you need.
Re-designed Starter Solutions Manage projects, content, resources, estimates and much more with all-new, professionally designed solutions.
Enhanced container fields Drag and drop files into your database, render images faster and securely store and manage data externally.
Quick Charts Create and modify charts in a snap with the new integrated set-up window.
iOS design and development tools Get design tools, themes, scripts and calculation functions to specifically help you quickly build apps for iPad and iPhone.
Window styles Format a window as a modal dialog or floating "palette-type" window.
Insert from URL Download content from a URL via scripting.
Execute SQL calculation function Perform SQL queries against your FileMaker solution.
ESS relinking Repoint your ESS connection to a different SQL database for development and testing needs.
FileMaker Pro 11 Features Description
FileMaker Charts Create eye-catching reports using bar, line, area and pie charts.
Quick Reports Make reports in a spreadsheet-like format. Group and summarise data on the fly.
Recurring Import Automatically import Microsoft® Excel and text files every time you open your database.
Snapshot Link Save a specific set of records at a point in time. Preserve the same layout, view and sort order.
Quick Find Search for information just as you would in a web browser.
Inspector Manage your layout tools all in one convenient place.
Improved Quick Start Screen Create a new database, manage favourite files, or find helpful resources - all from one screen.
Layout Folders Organise all your layouts in folders - just drag and drop.
Portal Filtering Specify related records based on calculations.
External File Protection Prevent unauthorised access to tables, scripts and value lists.
Variables in Find Requests and Merge Fields Use variables in scripted finds and merge fields to simplify your database schema.
FileMaker Pro 10 Features Description
Status Toolbar Put commonly used features at your fingertips with the redesigned interface.
Script Triggers Create and run scripts prompted by user actions for increased productivity.
Dynamic Reports Make changes to grouped data on the fly for easier customisation.
Saved Finds Save a set of find requests and then perform them in a single click for quicker searches.
Send Mail via SMTP Send email directly through an SMTP server for faster direct distribution; no email client needed.
Bento integration Import your Bento data directly into FileMaker Pro through the Quick Start Screen or the File menu.
Set field by name script step Specify the target field by name with a calculation.
Insert Tab Order Insert a new tab and your other tabs automatically re-number.
IPv6 Support Complies with Internet Protocol Version 6 standards.
Tooltips Add text or calculations to fields or other objects that display when you mouse over them.
FileMaker Pro 9 Features Description
Connect to External SQL Data Sources Create live, 2-way connections with external SQL data sources including the latest versions of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.
Conditional Formatting Visually format fields and objects based on conditions you decide.
Send Mail Email the contents of virtually any field, including images, documents, Excel files and more from within FileMaker Pro.
Script Grouping Group related scripts for faster access. Collapse and expand groups to make the list more manageable.
Send Link (of hosted database) Automatically create an email with a hyperlink. When clicked, the link opens your database file.
Auto Re-size Control how objects resize and move when the window size changes.
Append to PDF Combine multiple reports into one PDF for easier distribution.
FileMaker Pro 8, 8.5 Features Description
FileMaker Web Viewer Display information from live websites based on data in your database.
FileMaker Resource Center Get helpful resources such as videos, guides and other training materials to help you get the most out of FileMaker Pro.
PDF Maker Create Adobe® PDF files directly from within your FileMaker database for easy sharing.
Excel Maker Create Excel spreadsheets from your FileMaker data in a single click for easier reporting.
Fast Send Automatically open or email newly created Excel or PDF documents.
Fast Match Find matching records with a right click or control click of your mouse without entering Find mode.
Table Import Automatically add a new table to your database structure by simply importing new data.
Tab Control Build a layout with multiple tabs in a single step rather than having multiple layouts - each with their own tabs.
Calendar Drop-Down Enter dates quickly and more accurately by adding a simple point and click calendar to any field.
Auto Complete Fill in field content automatically based on previous entries or Value Lists.
Visual Spell Check Automatically underlines misspelled words and allows you to edit and correct on the fly.
Layout Alignment Tools Select the objects you want to align and click on the toolbar to align left, right, or centre.
Object Functions & Scripts Assign names to objects, navigate to named objects with scripts and get information about objects via object functions.
FileMaker Pro 7 Features Description
Store/Import/Export any file in a Container Field Manage all your music, images, videos and documents in Container Fields.
Relationships Graph Create one-to-one or one-to-many relationships with your data in an easy-to-use visual graph.
Multiple Windows Display multiple windows or layouts at the same time.
Increased database capacity (8 terabytes) Store up to 8 terabytes of data (limit may vary based on hardware). Fields can hold 2 GB of data.
Multiple table support Store multiple tables in the same database file.
Split Portal Divide portals into 2 or more to avoid excessive scrolling.
Account-based security Assign access privileges for each user right down to the field level.
Save and revert changes to Layout/Record Save or undo changes to your layouts.
FileMaker Pro 6 and Pre-6 Features Description
XML Import Share data between applications with Extensible Markup Language (XML) support.
Import Folder of Files Import more than one file at a time by importing a folder of files.
Constrain and Extend Found Set Narrow or expand your set of found records based on specific criteria.
Value Lists Define frequently used text, numbers, or dates, for faster and more accurate data entry.
Complete Cross-Platform Support Use FileMaker Pro on both Windows and Mac OS.
Scripting Create scripts to automate tasks or operations in FileMaker Pro.
Field Formatting Select font, size, style and colour of your fields.
Layout/Report Assistant Get step-by-step help to quickly design custom layouts, labels and reports.
Table View Display multiple records in a tabular format similar to a spreadsheet.
Direct Import of Excel files Drag and drop Excel files directly into FileMaker Pro.
ODBC Support FileMaker Pro uses ODBC drivers to share data and to interact with data from other applications.
Relational Support Create one-to-one or one-to-many relationships with your data.

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