Tutorial 101:


Tutorial 101: Lesson 1

Making Your Business Efficient

Achieve your goals faster and easier

You and your team have goals to meet. To do that effectively, you need tools that bring your data together so you can collaborate, gain new insights, and take action more quickly. However, gaining this efficiency is often challenging.

In this lesson, you’ll see some common obstacles many teams face when trying to work collaboratively. Their business information can be scattered among different users and different apps. They may not have business processes that ensure team members perform tasks consistently. They may be adapting their natural business processes to fit rigid technology, instead of adapting the technology to fit their business. 

You’ll see how the FileMaker Platform can help you overcome these obstacles to achieve your goals. It allows you to build custom solutions that automate best practices, ensure efficient workflow, are the right size for your organization, and run on all your devices.

Why is this important?

Many workgroups spend half their time on essential, but unproductive tasks. Using an app that fits your business flow can add consistency and automation, freeing up your team’s time for more advanced work. 

Video 1

Common Business Challenges

Learn about common business challenges and how to deal with them.

Concepts covered:

  • Scattered information: users keep important data in personal spreadsheets or disparate apps
  • Ad hoc processes: inconsistent business procedures create extra work
  • Rigid technology: bending your business to the tech, instead of the other way around 

Video 2

Understanding the FileMaker Platform

See how the FileMaker Platform makes custom software easy to create and use.

Concepts covered:

  • Supported platforms: use FileMaker apps in iPads, iPhones, Windows, Mac, & web browsers
  • Who can use FileMaker: anyone from small businesses to large companies
  • Preview of capabilities: see examples of FileMaker apps in action

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