Tutorial 202:


Tutorial 202: Extend


What to Expect

In FileMaker Tutorials 201: Create, you created and built out a custom app for a sample physical therapy practice. In this tutorial, you’ll add features for more users, increasing the automation, complexity and nuance of the custom app. This will build skills you can apply directly to any of your own custom apps in the future. 

The content in this tutorial builds on 201, so it'll help to complete those lessons before beginning this one.

The tutorial is designed as a series of videos that build on each other to give you hands-on experience in a typical cycle of planning, creating and testing for a new set of features. You’ll get a good sense of this process if you start at the beginning and work all the way through the lessons in this tutorial.

202 vs. 201

Tutorial 202 is different from 201 in a couple of ways.

In 201, you covered the concepts of data modeling, layouts, calculations, scripts, and security in separate lessons. The workflow in 202 is closer to a real-world experience, where you may add a feature by creating a layout object, then writing a calculation and following up with a script.

The new features you’ll add to the app include:

  • More complex reporting
  • Refined themes and styles
  • A many-to-many relationship
  • The ability to email clients about upcoming visits
  • A dashboard

Some of the sample files in this course have some prep work done for you so you can focus on the new concepts being introduced. Rather than continuing from a previous lesson’s sample file, download the fresh sample files for each lesson.


Before you start, you should have FileMaker Pro installed on your computer. Before you start, you should have FileMaker Pro installed on your computer. If you don’t have it installed yet, go download a free trial.

You might also consider purchasing FileMaker Pro Advanced, which provides special features to make your development process more efficient, like the ability to copy fields and tables, debug scripts, and monitor data. Lessons 3 and 5 introduce some of these features.

When you're ready to begin enhancing your custom app, take the first step with Lesson 1: Planning to Expand.

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