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  • Cristoffer Ippolite

    iSolutions, Inc

    Cris is a FileMaker Excellence Award-winning trainer and founder of iSolutions, Inc., a Los Angeles-based FileMaker consulting firm. Cris is a certified in all versions of FileMaker and is one of 60 partner-level FileMaker Business Alliance members in the world. He also has been a regular speaker at several technology conferences, including the FileMaker Developer Conference. Cris provides all FileMaker video training content for

  • Chris Irvine LLC

    Chris recently made the transition to working as a consulting developer. Before that he was the IT Manager at Dr. Bott. He has experience in many development and database environments including over 10 years of experience with FileMaker Pro. Chris takes pleasure in applying technology to help solve problems for a variety of businesses and non-profits.

  • Tim Jones

    Accelerate Computer Training

    Tim is the owner of Accelerate Computer Training in Long Beach, California. He is a FileMaker Business Alliance Trainer, FileMaker 8-13 Certified developer, and an Adobe Certified instructor and has taught computer training classes for 24 years.

  • Ryan Klenk


    Ryan is the technical lead at MainSpring, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum partner. He is a FileMaker 11-13 Certified developer and frequently teaches classes on FileMaker development to users of varying levels of experience. Ryan also occasionally presents at the Washington, DC FileMaker Users Group and enjoys blogging on FileMaker related topics.

  • David Knight

    Angel City Data

    David is president of Angel City Data and a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum partner in Southern California. He has designed and built hundreds of solutions for over 20 years for many industries. He is the founder and current board member of the acclaimed FileMaker Developers in Southern California (FMDiSC). He is a noted speaker at business and technology events around the country and has presented over 20 sessions at numerous FileMaker Developer Conferences. He has received three FileMaker Excellence Awards and can whistle very loud.

  • Vince Lackner

    The Lackner Group, Inc.

    Vince Lackner, president of the Lackner Group, has been a FileMaker developer since 1998. The Lackner Group provides a FileMaker-based solution to law firms, accounting firms, and banks. For the past 37 years, Vince has been working hard at the intersection of math, language, grammar, syntax, logic, color, shape, position, size, and animation. He has been tracking theories of innovation, disruption, imagination, and curiosity. Within the legal field, Vince is known for his pioneering ways, and believes that the time is ripe to "disrupt" that profession with a healthy dose of information visualization combined with expert systems technology. Vince is a graduate of Harvard College and NYU School of Law, and co-founder of the Institute for Visual Law.

  • Greg Lane

    Skeleton Key

    Greg is vice president of application development at Skeleton Key, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum partner in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a FileMaker 7-13 Certified developer and has enjoyed solving problems with FileMaker for more than 25 years. Greg has authored articles for FileMaker Advisor magazine and has contributed to books, white papers, and other FileMaker-related publications. Greg earned a masters degree in computer information systems and is a previous FileMaker DevCon speaker.

  • Claus Lavendt


    Claus is the senior developer and founder of DataManix and has been a FileMaker developer since 1994. Through the years he has developed all types and sizes of systems, as well as integrated with a wide range of different systems and hardware. He has developed solutions for companies in all sizes, from one-man businesses to international enterprises with more than 120,000 employees. He holds a degree in commercial photography and is a FileMaker Certified developer. Claus has hosted several sessions at developer conferences around the world, including FileMaker DevCon in the United States, regional DevCons as well as many seminars, PoEX, training sessions and workshops.

  • Philippe Lazzaroni

    Direct Impact Solutions

    Philippe is CEO of Direct Impact Consulting, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum partner. Direct Impact has demonstrated its leadership by offering a wide range of services devoted to the FileMaker Platform. Philippe is a FileMaker 8-13 Certified developer and an active board member of the Quebec user group. He was a speaker at DevCon 2011 in San Diego, at the last five FM Conferences in France, as well as at several Apple Store events. Philippe received the 2012 FileMaker Excellence Award for Evangelist of the Year.

  • Yann Liqueur-Salzédo


    Yann is the founder of Infografix, a FileMaker Business Alliance partner in Nice, France. He has been a FileMaker developer since version 2.1 and is a regular speaker at many FileMaker conferences: FileMaker DevCon 2014, FileMaker Conference in France, CQDF in Quebec and PauseOnError in Berlin with sessions about UI/UX. Yann has a masters of business administration and marketing. Today, he is more focused on user experience design and has written several articles for developers including, the one presenting his "slide a block method" to design FileMaker Go specific layouts that can handle the iOS device rotation.

  • Ryan Manook

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Ryan, a solutions consultant with FileMaker, Inc., is entering his 8th year supporting the FileMaker Platform. Starting out as a front line technical rep, he now works with the America Sales team with a focus on potential customers brand new to the FileMaker Platform. Whether through direct communication or through his series of Idea to iPad or Introduction to FileMaker webinars, Ryan guides new customers along their evaluation phase and truly enjoys when they hit their “Wow!” moment. Ryan is a FileMaker certified developer and trainer.

  • Albert Mark

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Albert, Software Architect at FileMaker Inc, has worked on FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go for over seven years with 10+ years in software development. His passion includes best software engineering practices and learning about the latest changes on desktop and mobile technologies. Albert graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with BS in Computer Science and San Jose State University with a MS in Software Engineering and Masters in Business Administration.

  • James Medema

    Surefoot Consulting, Inc

    Jim is the owner of Surefoot Consulting, Inc based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been working with FileMaker since ~1990 and has been a full-time developer since 1994. Jim holds FileMaker Developer and Authorized Trainer Certificates for versions 7-13 and has developed for, consulting with, and taught clients from coast to coast. He is currently writing a book on the software development process.

  • Vincenzo Menanno


    Vince has been working with FileMaker Pro for more than 20 years. He started way back in Montreal where FileMaker quickly became a passion rather than just a business tool. It led to teaching, consulting, and products. Vince has spoken at a number of FileMaker DevCons in the United States, Montreal, and France. He also authored FileMaker 7 training videos. Currently, Vince is the director of FileMaker development for Beezwax. He is a co-author of FOCUS (an in-house Framework) and also designed and developed InspectorPro, an in-depth developer analysis tool. His biggest passion these days is data visualization and finding creative ways to improve performance of solutions.