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  • Tim Neudecker

    Kyo Logic

    Tim is CTO of Kyo Logic LLC, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum partner with offices in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. With over 25 years of experience as a professional FileMaker developer, Tim has been a leader in FileMaker education in the North East United States. He is a FileMaker 7-13 Certified developer and has trained many new developers from their first install of FileMaker Pro all the way to certification. He has spoken at two prior FileMaker Developer Conferences and more than he can count developer group meetings. He is also a recipient of the FileMaker Business Alliance Excellence Award.

  • Andrew Paulsen

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Andrew, Software Architect at FileMaker, Inc., has worked closely with the FileMaker engineering team to modernize the product’s user interface. During this process, he has worked in a variety of areas: feature planning and design, usability testing, software design, and implementation. Andrew studied computer engineering and human-computer interaction at the University of Michigan and joined FileMaker, Inc. after graduation in 2006.

  • Matt Petrowsky

    ISO Productions, Inc.

    Having worked with FileMaker for well over two decades, Matt is continuously exploring what can be accomplished with the powerful FileMaker Platform suite of tools. He produces a weekly online digital magazine called ISO FileMaker Magazine and has produced a number of well-known FileMaker tools, resources, and educational products for learning and developing within FileMaker Pro. With a passion for great looking user-centered design, his realm of knowledge extends to PHP, Java/Groovy, AppleScript, Javascript, Shell scripting and other web related technologies. He resides in Southern California with his wonderful wife and three children and enjoys listening to all kinds of sci-fi audio books.

  • Andrew Phan

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Andrew, Software Engineer at FileMaker, Inc., brings over 14 years of experience working on FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro. Some areas that Andrew has worked on are: the Database Design Reporting Tool, configuration management for the Admin Console, AppleScript support,charting, and more. He graduated from the University of Alberta in 2000 with a BSE in computer engineering.

  • Wes Powell

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Wesley, Software Development Manager at FileMaker Inc., has worked on a variety of projects during his career with the company. He is driven by developing rich user interfaces and focusing on the user experience. Wesley graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information & Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine and joined FileMaker, Inc. in 2007.

  • Mark Richman

    Skeleton Key

    Mark is the president of Skeleton Key, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum partner based in St. Louis, Missouri. Mark is a FileMaker 8-13 Certified developer and leads a team of FileMaker Certified developers and trainers. He also leads an IT Managed Services division, in providing solution development, consulting, and implementation services for customers in a broad array of markets. Mark has authored several white papers for FileMaker, Inc. and is a previous FileMaker DevCon speaker and webinar presenter.

  • Ronnie Rios

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Ronnie, a solutions consultant at FileMaker, Inc., brings over 15 years of experience in consulting and database software solutions development. For more than five of those years he worked at Apple Retail providing pre and post-sales technical assistance to customers developing internal systems and reporting tools, and ultimately growing into technology coordinator and consultant roles with the business team. Ronnie holds an MBA, several Apple certifications, is a FileMaker 11-13 Certified developer, a FileMaker trainer, and is fluent in Spanish. 

  • Luke Rochester


    Luke is a management consultant specializing in business intelligence with qualifications in engineering and psychology. He has created executive dashboards for Fortune 500 Directors as well as CEO’s and owners of small to medium sized companies. He is a FileMaker 13 Certified developer and when he presented at FileMaker DevCon 2014, the room was filled to capacity. One quote from the session feedback forms sums up the reception he received from attendees: “This is the single best session I've ever attended at a DevCon. In 90 minutes, the cost of the conference, the travel and time away from the office were justified.”

  • Katherine Russell

    NightWing Enterprises

    Katherine is a senior analyst and developer with NightWing Enterprises in Melbourne, Australia. She is a FileMaker 7-13 Certified developer and has presented sessions at three previous FileMaker Developer Conferences. She has written a number of papers for FileMaker, Inc., including the FileMaker Sync Guide and multiple technical briefs on FileMaker Go. Prior to joining NightWing Enterprises, Katherine was the principal of Russellware, Inc., based in Orlando, Florida.

  • Brian Schick


    Brian is Senior Application Developer at Beezwax, where he designs and delivers world-class desktop, web, and mobile apps. As a designer, Brian continually seeks to create simpler, more intuitive interfaces using UI/UX best practices. He works closely with users to create applications that precisely reflect and focus their real-world workflows and priorities. As a developer, he champions bringing best-of-breed technologies to the FileMaker Platform. He’s made ongoing contributions bringing SQL, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS deep into FileMaker solutions, and has authored highly-regarded power tools to promote best practices with these technologies. Brian’s ultimate focus is on putting technology to work for people. Regardless of technology or technique, his goal is to simplify and streamline solutions and focus directly on each user.

  • J. Sciarra

    Colibri Solutions

    Joseph (goes by “J.”) has been involved in database architecture and design since 1985. He joined Colibri Solutions as Chief Technology Strategist in 2006, where he has led development for projects for Conde Nast/The Cartoon Bank, Adobe, and other clients. He is a dedicated technologist with a consistent commitment to understanding the broad changes occurring within technology as well as a focused skill set, including expertise in solution design and integration using FileMaker Pro, PHP, XML, MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle. J. is FileMaker 8-13 Certified developer and leads Colibri’s solution engineering efforts. He Tweets regularly about trends in technology as well as other topics @SciarraCast. He attended Reed College and CalArts, lives in Connecticut with his family, dog and two cats and is an active musician, gardener and squash player.

  • Sara Severson

    Soliant Consulting

    Sara is a Technical Project Lead for Soliant Consulting, based in the wilds of Washington state. Originally a marketing consultant, Sara has been a FileMaker developer for 13 years: the last 7 with Soliant, and the 6 years prior as an in-house developer (for the aforementioned marketing firm). She has been a certified FileMaker developer since version 9, and is also a certified developer and administrator. She most loves working directly with clients from the outset of a project, helping see their vision through to fulfillment. Sara has been on the FTS team at Soliant for the last four iterations, and was the lead writer for FTS: Advanced for the FileMaker 13 and 14 versions.

  • Julie Sigfrinius

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Julie manages the Americas distributors, resellers and FileMaker Business Alliance partners for FileMaker, Inc. In addition, she is the regional manager for Latin America. Julie has experience in selling technology solutions as well as managing professional services and training companies. Prior to FileMaker, she was employed by one of Apple’s premiere resellers for 16 years. Julie built a professional services and training division which was also a successful FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum partner. Born in Los Angeles, California, Julie now lives with her husband and children in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

  • Rosemary Tietge

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Rosemary is a consulting engineer with FileMaker, Inc., a FileMaker 8-13 Certified developer, and a FileMaker trainer. She has been solving business problems with FileMaker for over 25 years. She works with the Americas Sales team to communicate the power of FileMaker and provide technical expertise and knowledge to our customers and developers. She joined FileMaker in January 2006. Prior to joining FileMaker, she was the Publishing Technology Manager at Harvard University Press and an independent FileMaker developer.

  • Steve Winter

    Matatiro Solutions

    Steve has been a FileMaker developer since long before he had gray hair and these days there’s lots of that! He has been a frequent speaker at FileMaker Developer Conferences and is a FileMaker 11-13 Certified developer. Currently, he is based in the United Kingdom where he is a freelance software developer. The majority of their solutions utilize the power of the FileMaker Platform where they specialize in building responsive, dynamic web applications driven by FileMaker Server. As a certified ScrumMaster he also provides Agile coaching to businesses in need.

  • Jason Young


    Jason is a FileMaker 8-13 Certified developer with SeedCode where he divides his time between product and custom development. He is the author of SQLExplorer, SeedCode Complete for FileMaker 13, and was awarded the FileMaker Business Alliance Solution of the Year in 2012. Jason began working for SeedCode in early 2011, previously working as an in-house developer, certified trainer and consultant. He is a previous FileMaker DevCon speaker, including the Tokyo conference in 2012.