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  • Chad Adams

    Skeleton Key

    Chad is a senior analyst and developer at Skeleton Key, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum partner in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a FileMaker trainer and previous DevCon speaker. He has enjoyed using the FileMaker Platform to solve problems for over 20 years. Chad has just finished building a new home in his home town of Joplin. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

  • Vin Addala

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Vin is currently the Sr. Product Manager focusing of FileMaker WebDirect and Web APIs at FileMaker, Inc., where he has worked for over ten years. Previously he was the engineering manager and software architect for FileMaker WebDirect. During this time, he has designed and implemented numerous features in FileMaker WebDirect, WPE, PHP API, XML, and UAC. Vin is instrumental in the design of the web publishing engine architecture and FileMaker WebDirect. He has presented numerous times at FileMaker Developer Conferences. More >

  • Alexis Allen

    Alexis is a developer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her passion is design, loosely defined as the process of using your skills to solve problems effectively and elegantly. She is the founder of the blog Designing FileMaker (, which focuses on articles about visual design for FileMaker developers. Alexis has been developing and designing workflow solutions in FileMaker Pro since 1997, working with many individual companies in a large variety of fields, including design, marketing, legal, and manufacturing. She also plays a mean cello. More >

    FileMaker Certification: 13

  • Nick Amundsen

    JAMF Software

    Nick Amundsen, Director of Research at JAMF Software, has been working at JAMF for the past 10 years with a goal of helping organizations succeed with the Apple platform. He has worked in several roles during his tenure at JAMF including Professional Services, Custom Development, and most recently, Research and Developer Relations. Nick is excited to see how FileMaker Developers and JAMF Software can play a role in helping build industry-specific custom apps for iPad and Mac that help transform user experiences. More >

  • Jesse Barnum


    Jesse started writing databases with FileMaker Pro version 2.1 in 1992. He founded 360Works in 1996, and is the primary author of MirrorSync, SuperContainer, and many other 360Works products. Jesse has been a speaker at several previous DevCons, Pause On Error, FMAcademy, and numerous user groups around the United States. He received the FileMaker Excellence award for Outstanding Contribution to the FileMaker Community and is certified in all versions of FileMaker. He is an avid camper and backpacker, and is looking forward to seeing caribou calving season on another hike in the Canadian Rockies this year. More >

  • Mark Baum

    FileMaker, Inc.

    Mark is a technical marketing evangelist at FileMaker, Inc. As part of the Customer Experience team, he helps to improve the FileMaker Platform’s out-of-product user experience, with a focus on new product releases and on the developer community. He has 19 years of experience as a FileMaker developer in the areas of cloud integration (Jive, Marketo, and SalesForce), hospital systems, B2B telemarketing, and trade publishing. In the mid-1990’s, he toured the United States as a performance artist. More recently, he has recorded two CDs of Latin American music and makes an irresistible Colombian ajiaco. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 11 - 14

  • Mike Beargie

    MainSpring, Inc.

    Mike is an application developer with MainSpring, Inc., a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partner and Business Driver of the Year from 2013 - 2015. He has worked with the FileMaker platform for over nine years. He has a formal education in graphic design and computer science, and a background in web development and IT support. In his spare time, Mike is an avid FileMaker community supporter, receiving the Community Excellence award in 2014, presenting at user groups and helping with developer questions. He recently developed CoreScope, a free app to help FileMaker Go developers. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 11 - 14

  • Bob Bowers

    Soliant Consulting

    CEO and co-founder of Soliant Consulting, Bob is widely known for his expertise in the field of software development. He is a recipient of the FileMaker Excellence Award and has co-authored seven books on FileMaker Pro database development. In 2008 he was inducted into the Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame. After graduating summa cum laude in Music and English at Wabash College, Bob earned a master’s degree in Musicology from the University of Chicago. In this spare time, he enjoys playing guitar and banjo. More >

  • Emory Brown

    DB Services

    Emory is an application developer, UX Designer, and FileMaker Business Alliance Partner with DB Services. He is a speaker for the FM Academy and the author of many articles at DB Services. His most recent article, “Heat Maps in FileMaker”, was tweeted by FileMaker, Inc. Emory has a passion for art and is gifted in both the freehand and digital mediums. He graduated from Indiana University from the School of Fine Arts in Digital Art. In his free time, Emory likes to spend time with his family, draw on the iPad pro, snowboard, go camping, and make cocktails. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 10 - 14

  • Richard Carlton


    Richard has been involved with the FileMaker platform since 1990 and manages Richard Carlton Consulting, one of the largest top-tier FileMaker consultancies worldwide. He was awarded the 2015 File Maker Excellence Award for outstanding outreach and business development. He is also the product manager for FM Starting Point, the popular and most-downloaded free FileMaker CRM Starter Solution. After working with VTC as a video training author, Richard started a his own video publishing company dedicated to the needs of the FileMaker community. has many FileMaker video training titles available. More >

  • Salvatore Colangelo

    Goya Pty Ltd

    After earning a Masters in Data Science and going on various adventures with SQL databases and web technologies, Salvatore joined FileMaker’s technical support team in Paris. From there, he started working with some of the best developers in Europe and joined La Source Multimedia (now Lesterius). When he moved to Australia in 2010, he was looking for a company with a similar philosophy and history and Goya was the perfect fit. He loves to get people together to play Ultimate Frisbee and he still enjoys all the creative ideas that people come up with for pronouncing his name. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 10-14

  • Peter Cross

    Valard Construction

    Peter started programming when he was a kid and began using FileMaker in Version 3 in the 1990’s. He grew up in an entrepreneurial family and has been self-employed most of his life. He ran his own FileMaker consultancy for about 17 years and started working internally as a FileMaker SME for Valard Construction nearly three years ago. Peter lives with his wife in Vancouver, British Columbia and is a father to two wonderful daughters. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 9,11,12,13,14

  • Makah Encarnacao

    Soliant Consulting

    After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Cognitive Science, Makah started working at Soliant Consulting, where she received a solid foundation in FileMaker basics and best practices. She could not be happier with how her career has grown there: nine years and seven certifications later, she is now a Project Technical Lead as well as co-founder of their new pro bono committee. Makah resides in Albuquerque with her husband, their 2-year-old little girl, and their 7-year-old pup. Last year, she placed fourth in the Developer Cup Competition – you may recall the videos of her training for the big event! More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 9 - 14

  • Jason Erickson

    Linear Blue, Inc.

    Jason has been a FileMaker Developer since 1995 and has assisted hundreds of clients for over more than 20 years. During that time he created synchronization and audit technology such as SyncDeK and fmDataGuard and SyncServer Pro. Jason co-founded A.E. Wood and Erickson in 1998, WorldSync, Inc. in 2003, and joined Linear Blue as a partner in 2013 as CTO. Jason grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and discovered FileMaker working as an admin assistant for an artist while attending UC Berkeley. He never looked back. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 11 - 14

  • Todd Geist

    geist interactive

    Todd has been working with FileMaker since the early 90’s. He has presented at over a dozen FileMaker Developer Conferences. He is the founder of Geist Interactive, an award-winning FileMaker product and consulting company. He is also the founder of, a popular code sharing site. Todd and his wife Lori live in Newbury Park, California with their two dogs, Kona and Bella. Together they founded the non-profit One Spark Foundation, and One Spark Academy, an alternative education center in Thousand Oaks, California. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 7 - 14

  • David Head

    FileMaker, Inc.

    David was born way before the age of personal computing (and some say before the age of computers), but has grown to embrace the technological world. He enjoys explaining it to people who are as bewildered as he once was. Anyone who attends his sessions will walk away much better informed and educated about the topic at hand. You may also experience a profoundly life-changing experience although this is not the express objective of his presentations. Whatever you gain, it will be positive and it will have an impact. David does have some passing experience with the FileMaker Platform so this should work in his favor. More >

  • Johan Hedman

    Atatiki AB

    Johan is a partner and senior developer at Atatiki AB in Sweden. He is a frequent speaker at Scandinavian DevCon, various road shows, and last year at DevCon in Las Vegas. Johan’s goal is to provide a high level of technical guidance to clients and to contribute to the FileMaker community of developers. He has been developing solutions with the FileMaker Platform for more than 15 years. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 7 - 14

  • Jonn Howell

    DataExperience, Inc.

    Jonn has been building custom apps with FileMaker Pro since 1991 and has conducted numerous education events in a series known as “Bootcamp for FileMaker.” He is an advocate of what is often referred to as the “Session Model” of FileMaker development, as well as the Anchor-Buoy graph management approach. Jonn has previously presented at DevCon. His clients include universities, biotechnology, manufacturing, marketing, insurance, and entertainment companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jonn's passions include animals, folk music, relationship dynamics dialog and non-dual philosophy. He has been a public speaker since 4th grade. More >

    FileMaker Certification: 13

  • Chih Hsiao

    FileMaker, Inc.

    With a background that combines interaction design and fine arts, Chih has more than a decade of experience in the digital media and consumer web industry. He has designed software applications across diverse platforms such as television, web, social media, mobile and desktop operating systems. Since the early 2000s, he has served as a producer and designer in both small and large companies, and is now a senior user experience designer at FileMaker, Inc. He is also a gamer, music lover, and jazz pianist. More >

  • Ken d'Oronzio

    Paradise Partners, Inc.

    Ken has been developing with FileMaker Pro since 1989. He helped found Paradise Partners, Inc., where he has been creating custom apps for the last 13 years. As an answer to the persistent challenge, “can you do this in FileMaker?” he began delving into expanding the capabilities of the FileMaker Platform using JavaScript and PHP. In 2011, Paradise Partners introduced the soSIMPLE Calendar, revolutionizing the way calendars can be created in FileMaker apps. Now Ken continues to expand his FileMaker horizons by linking to web services and the Internet of Things. When he's not playing with new tech toys, he's probably off on an exciting adventure with his family. More >

    FileMaker Certifications: 7 - 11, 13, 14