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In almost every segment of business, education and government, millions of our delighted customers use FileMaker to organise projects, people, assets and more.

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By automating repetitive, time-consuming procedures a large service provider has slashed office workloads and minimised human error. The use of iPad devices onsite has brought similar efficiencies.

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Akubra Hats

"The FileMaker platform offered many advantages to Akubra. Firstly it provided a very flexible environment to create a custom"...

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Carlton Football Club

"There’s so much I can now do which was impossible in our previous inflexible spreadsheet format. With a single click I can allocate"

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Way To Go Heliservices

"It would be great if we could simplify things with an electronic DFR and have everything in one place." says Mandy Smart.

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Planet Ark

"Without FileMaker solutions, we would struggle to achieve our goals," says Ian Bridges.

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Adding SMS capability to a FileMaker solution keeps real estate vendors and clients in the picture.

"We wanted to create an SMS portal to offer real estate vendors a quick and easy way to communicate information about a particular property to potential buyers," says Real Estate Academy CEO Lee Woodward.

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Innovative RacePlace iPad solution allows Canterbury Track Cycling in New Zealand to publish race results to their website between races.

"The results can now be recorded and uploaded before the next race starts. Riders get on their iPhones and look at the results while they're warming down!" Committee chairman Syd Martin.

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FIT iPad solution adds expertise to the custom fitting of snow boots for staff at Elevation Sports in Santa Monica USA.

"How can I give all my staff access to the hard-earned knowledge that I have?" asks CEO David Craycraft.

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GoSolar Newcastle supplies and installs solar energy systems in the Newcastle area of NSW.

GoSolar Newcastle supplies and installs a range of solar energy systems in the Newcastle area of NSW using FileMaker Go on an iPad to manage all their job details.

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Vinepower manages a seasonal vineyard labour force in the Marlborough district of New Zealand by recording job details on site on an iPad.

Vinepower manages a seasonal labour force of around 400 vineyard workers in the Marlborough winemaking district in New Zealand.

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Avtrac manages the maintenance of their corporate jets and commercial aircraft

On track and on the go, Avtrac WA Pty Ltd is a Perth-based company which provides maintenance tracking systems for corporate jets and commercial aircraft.

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Lee Medical increases efficiency and security of patient records with FileMaker Go for iPad

While hospital-acquired infections are on the rise, the prognosis is good in one important area: bloodstream infections. These are often caused by mismanagement of IV catheters in patients' veins and by poor catheter insertion.

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