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“It's an innovative way to get a message across to all keen buyers very quickly. The system saved a lot of time and stress for us.”
Danny Grant, Sydney real estate agent.

Sydney Real Estate Academy adds SMS functionality to FileMaker solution.


  • Real Estate Academy in Sydney adds SMS function to an existing FileMaker solution which enables vendors to communicate up-to-date information about properties to prospective buyers.


  • Real estate.


  • Generating a simple data code for each property and a unique reference number for each client this SMS feature enables vendors to push out the latest status information on a property to interested parties. It also allows vendors to keep customer information up-to-date.


  • Clients have the latest information on a property as soon as it is available.
  • Clients opt into the system.
  • The SMS function adds another layer of functionality to an existing solution.
  • The ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances saves vendors time and effort.

While killing time in Sydney Airport, Real Estate Academy CEO Lee Woodward downloaded an app advertised on an airport billboard. When he logged in his flight details the app updated any changes to his schedule in real time. In a lightbulb moment he saw an application for something similar in his own business. Lee continues the story:

We wanted to create an SMS portal to offer real estate vendors a quick and easy way to communicate information about a particular property to potential buyers.

He could see this as a valuable addition to a solution he had created over 10 years ago in conjunction with FileMaker developer Andrew Duncan from Databuzz. Many real estate businesses in Australia and New Zealand use Lee’s system – Complete Data – to manage their customer relationships.

Lee naturally turned to Andrew to implement the new SMS feature as he already had experience in solutions using SMS to access information in FileMaker databases. Working with in-house developer Dean Connolly, Andrew developed a module which allows people interested in a particular property to opt in to the service and receive notifications by SMS of special offers, price reductions and auction schedules. They call it Complete Data Property Subscriptions.

As Lee describes it:

Fantastic. It's a quality lead generation tool.

Real estate firms can use this feature by advertising a unique property code and a dedicated mobile number. Prospective buyers text the code through and the system registers the mobile number against the property. It also sends a personalised text response from the listing agent.

Inside Complete Data, the subscriptions to any property can be used as the sending list for a bulk SMS. This allows the listing agent to instantly notify all interested buyers about property updates such as open inspections, price drops or when the property is sold.

Sydney real estate agent Danny Grant has just begun using Complete Data Property Subscriptions and already is impressed:

Vendors love the idea and think it’s an innovative way to ensure we capture all buyers.

He sees many advantages:

It allows us to get a message across to all keen buyers very quickly. For instance, we had a property that elevated in price very quickly. We had to convert it to Auction with only a two-week campaign because of the strong interest. With an update for buyers almost every day, the system saved us a lot of time and stress.

Would you like to know about the technical details behind Complete Data Property Subscriptions? Learn more >

Thank you to Lee Woodward and Danny Grant.

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