King's School

The King's School in Parramatta, Sydney, uses FileMaker Pro to store and manage a wide variety of data that is dynamic, and requires changes and updates that reflect the ongoing activities of the community. FileMaker handles everything from academic, welfare and discipline records for
students to timetables and sports lists by team
and by age group, plus all the administrative information required to efficiently manage an extended school community.

Australia's Oldest Independent School Runs
an Entire Community on FileMaker Pro


  • Large private school uses FileMaker solution to integrate all aspects of data management previously stored in separate databases and on paper.


  • K12


  • Single, easy-to-use FileMaker database stores and manages all information required to administer the school community.


  • Affordable, robust and reliable.
  • Easily adaptable to meet changing needs.
  • Vast improvement in report writing and management.
  • Runs on Macs and PCs.

The King's School in Parramatta, Sydney, is not an institution but a complex community. It offers education to boys from Kindergarten to Year 12 - both day boys and boarders - by working in close partnership with parents. It is also very active in sports and other character-building activities, manages an Old Boys association, and works with a foundation responsible for the promotion and development of the school.

The large volume and variety of data required to maintain this community was previously stored on several stand-alone databases scattered across the school. Academic reporting was mostly a manual, paper-based activity, separate mark books were maintained by each section of the school and timetables were literally kept in a drawer.

The King's School went in search of a new database solution that would centralise and consolidate the community's data, and allow it to improve data integrity, streamline processes, manage secure access by teachers and support staff across the school, and upgrade the technology skills of the faculty.

Successful Solution

The King's School chose FileMaker Pro as its database and asked FileMaker Solutions Alliance Partner Denbigh International to customise its Denbigh Reports applications to meet the special requirements of the school.

Denbigh Reports based on FileMaker Pro is an affordable, robust and reliable system used by The King's School for so many of its administrative needs. Not a day goes by without teaching staff needing to find information about our students or the Data Administrator using it to update newly provided information.

— Clive Logan, Director of Studies,
The King's School

Customer Benefits

  • A single, easy-to-use FileMaker Pro database stores and manages all of the information required to administer the school community.
  • The database is scalable, growing to meet the needs of new functions and applications added as the school expands and work processes are refined.
  • Denbigh Reports applications minimise the time needed to produce, check and print academic reports.
  • The school's FileMaker Site Licence enables teachers to load copies of the database onto their laptop computers so they can work at home. After drafting subject reports on their own computers, they can upload them at their convenience to the school's server-based master database.
  • House Masters are able to easily view and check all of the teachers' subject reports and to add their own comments.
  • Support staff can more easily collate the reports before printing.
  • The quality of data has been improved and is easier to maintain - particularly information that requires regular updates including timetables, mailing addresses and family details.
  • The system also enables the management and generation of sporting lists in correct age divisions
  • The solution runs equally well on the school's Macintosh and Windows PC hardware platforms.

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