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  Jan-Mar 2012  
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  The FileMaker 12 database software line is now available, launching a new era for databases, empowering users to create stunning custom databases for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.  

FileMaker Pro 12 features beautiful new themes and Starter Solutions, powerful design tools and superior file management.


The free download of FileMaker Go 12 makes it amazingly easy for everyone to access databases created with FileMaker Pro 12 on iPad and iPhone. FileMaker Go 12 iPad and iPhone apps are available free on the iTunes App Store (see page 3 for details).

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Breakthrough design features boost usability on iPad, iPhone and desktop

There are sixteen beautiful new Starter Solutions that speed up the creation of databases for managing contacts, projects, digital content, inventory, and even more essential business tasks. Some Starter Solutions include ready-to-use layouts optimised for iPad and iPhone.

Users can rely on the included themes, or customise details with new design tools such as gradients, image slicing, dynamic alignment guides and configurable grids.

FileMaker Pro 12 also features new Quick Charts to create eye-catching, on-the-fly graphs and five attractive new chart styles.


A better way to handle documents and multimedia files

Enhanced container fields in FileMaker Pro 12 support drag-and-drop and can store many file types such as PDFs, video, photos, audio, and documents. Files can be stored in the database or linked. Managing linked files just got easier as FileMaker 12 now automatically organises files on disk and can encrypt them for extra security.

Access to large files is faster, FileMaker 12 will now automatically generate thumbnails. FileMaker Server can stream media files to connected clients. When running on the iPad or iPhone, users can now record video and audio directly into container fields, and can stream out content using AirPlay.


FileMaker Server 12 products offer faster, more reliable data serving

FileMaker Server 12 and FileMaker Server 12 Advanced are built for speed and productivity. Access to more memory can boost performance for larger databases, while enhanced wide area network (WAN) performance assists remotely connected users, especially those using iOS devices.

The web publishing engine improves speed and stability when integrating custom web pages with FileMaker databases, while progressive backups ease server administration and improve solution reliability.




New Zealand pricing and availability (Ex GST)

All FileMaker 12 products are immediately available.

FileMaker Pro 12

Full: $499 Upgrade: $299

FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced

Full: $799 Upgrade: $499

FileMaker Server 12

Full: $1,800 Upgrade: $1,080

FileMaker Server 12 Advanced

Full: $5,500 Upgrade: $3,300

FileMaker Go 12 for iPad and FileMaker Go 12 for iPhone are free from the iTunes App Store. Additional pricing and upgrade information is available at


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