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  Jul-Sep 2012  
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Keep your workplace safe and reap the rewards. Complying with Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) legislation can

Testing and tagging” is one of the many complex OH&S requirements that ensures a safe environment for your employees and customers. Thousands of items require regular assessment, maintenance and documentation. Testing involves physical inspection of equipment while tagging requires the equipment to be labelled with required information such as a barcode.

Managing your ‘test and tag’ requirements with current, accurate and comprehensive reports is essential for WorkCover inspections, reducing insurance premiums, and identifying and minimising risks.

Customised database systems can save time and money by managing this process in an efficient manner.

Our FileMaker developers and their customers have created mobile, paperless database systems for this exact purpose. ATTS Facilities Maintenance, Test-It’s-Safe Electrics and Complyright are authorised ‘test and tag’ companies which demystify compliance topics while helping your business organise product testing, maintenance, and safety recommendations. The databases collate information, record and report a business’ compliance needs in a readable and easy to access manner.

With productivity an essential component of any business, being mobile with FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone means less office down time, no double entry and the convenience of instantaneous access to records.

TTS Facilities Maintenance test and tag electrical equipment for businesses using FileMaker Go on the iPhone. They photograph equipment, scan barcodes with a portable scanner, log the details directly into the database, and label the item all on site. It’s a fast and accurate process.

Being completely mobile and paperless, we have improved our productivity by 60–70%,” ATTS Facilities Maintenance owner Jay Speechley says, “Our clients are assured that their compliance audits are always up to date and immediately available. For hotels, supermarkets, and even television studios this convenience is essential.

Complyright provides risk assessment services and compliance and safety testing of industrial gas and welding equipment.

Companies want to do the right thing, but they just don’t know where to start. Our databases help them find their way through the maze of safety and risk reporting,” Andrew Maydom from Complyright says. “Now, I only spend a small amount of time completing paperwork, which has made a significant difference to my business”.

All industries have to deal with compliance in some form or another. Test-It’s-Safe Electrics tests over 10,000 products a week for schools, government departments and other organisations. These items include; toasters, microwaves, laptop chargers, scanners, exit and emergency lighting, power tools and laboratory equipment.

Did you realise that toasters have to be checked every year, while computers and laptops are only every five years?” asks Graeme Cox, Managing Director of Test-It’s-Safe Electrics, “Our database manages all that information for you”. To find how OH&S requirements affect your business click here.

Despite the wide variation in compliance needs and reporting requirement, these businesses have turned to FileMaker to provide a flexible, mobile and adaptable solution.

To see how FileMaker has provided the platform to assist other companies achieve their compliance objectives turn to page three 

FileMaker would like to thank Jay Speechly from ATTS ( Graeme Cox from Test-It’s-Safe Electrics ( and Andrew Maydom from Complyright ( for sharing their stories with us.


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