Exporting Information from Bento
Bento can export information into a .csv, .tab, Numbers, or Excel 2008 file from a library, from a collection, from a Smart Collection, or from the results of a search or Advanced Find.
Bento can export a library into a library template file. This is a good way to preserve the structure of an individual library or give a library to another Bento user. A library template file contains all of the forms, collections, Smart Collections, table view settings, and related libraries (if they were included at the time of export) of an exported library. You can include or omit records from the library template. You can give the library template file to other Bento users.
You can also export (submit) a template that you’ve designed to the Bento Template Exchange website, so others can use it. You can submit only the template and not any records associated with it. For more information, see Submitting Templates to the Bento Template Exchange” on page 124.
Topics in this section
Exporting from a Library, Collection, or Smart Collection
Submitting Templates to the Bento Template Exchange
Exporting from Search or Advanced Find
Additional Ways to Export Information
Export Considerations for Specific Field Types