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FileMaker Go Overview

Now you can unleash the power of FileMaker Pro to your iPad and iPhone users with FileMaker Go. FileMaker Go will help your mobile users do all this and more:

FileMaker Go Overview
  • Close sales deals faster by uploading signed contracts from the road.
  • Update project status and task lists from the job site to keep everyone on track and up to date.
  • Log research results in the field and send
    real-time updates to the lab.
  • Scan bar codes in the warehouse to instantly update inventory levels on the sales floor.
  • Collect patient data in the examination room for immediate access by doctors and nurses.

Note: Real-time updates to a centralized database requires that files are hosted with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server. Concurrent connection charges may apply.

Create in Pro. Run in Go.

Get the powerful features of FileMaker Pro running on iPad and iPhone.

Create in Pro. Run in Go.
  • Use FileMaker Pro to create iPad and iPhone solutions that run in FileMaker Go.
  • Choose from a variety customizable Starter Solutions specifically designed for use on iPad and iPhone for popular tasks, like managing contacts, tracking assets and creating invoices.
  • Apply Touch themes specifically designed to make your forms look great on iPad and iPhone.
  • Upload solutions created with FileMaker Pro to FileMaker Server or email to your iPad and iPhone for use in FileMaker Go.

Be more productive on the go

Add, edit, search, sort and report on data using FileMaker Go to instantly boost productivity.

  • Scan bar codes to instantly see associated data appear in the appropriate fields.
  • Capture signatures while on the go.
  • Add photos, videos and audio from your device directly to your database with a few taps.
  • Create executive dashboard summaries so key indicators and business metrics are always at hand.
  • Print report and forms over the air directly from your iPad or iPhone using AirPrint.
Be more productive on the go

Securely share with your team

Securely share your solutions in real-time or get updates from the field periodically choosing from three convenient methods.

  1. Host databases with FileMaker Server so iPad and iPhone users have real-time access to the most up-to-date information. This may require purchase of concurrent connections for FileMaker Server.*
  2. Copy files to FileMaker Go using iTunes file sharing, or email files directly to devices for offline access.
  3. Write scripts to enable your offline solution to update FileMaker Server.
Data Encryption

Plus, you can enable data encryption with FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced to protect your data no matter where it lives - whether it's on a FileMaker client or hosted on FileMaker Server.

* Concurrent connection charges may apply when databases that are hosted by FileMaker Server are accessed via FileMaker Go.
Learn more about concurrent connections

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