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Moving to FileMaker Pro 13

Convert your databases in a few easy steps

If you still have older FileMaker Pro databases in the .fp7 file format, it's easy to convert them so they will work with FileMaker Pro 13. Converting your database to FileMaker Pro 13 allows you to host your databases on FileMaker Server 13 and access your data remotely on FileMaker Go 13.

Follow these simple instructions to update your FileMaker Pro 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 databases to the latest version.

FileMaker 12 databases are already compatible with FileMaker 13 and do not require any conversion.

Single file conversion

Open FileMaker Pro 13 and go to File -> Open and the select the file you want to convert. Or simply drag and drop your original database file onto the FileMaker Pro 13 application icon.
Open File
A dialog box will then appear, offering you the option to re-name your old file. However, FileMaker Pro makes a copy of your original file and saves it in the new format. Your original file will still exist as is.
If you have a more complex solution with many tables, you might see a progress bar to show you the conversion is still in progress.
Conversion Progress
A conversion log is generated that shows the status of all the converted components, aiding you in troubleshooting any issues that may arise during the process.
Conversion Log
Converted solutions maintain their original look and feel. Or choose to apply one of the new themes to your database for an updated look and feel.
For more details on converting your databases to FileMaker Pro 13 visit the Knowledge Base.
Maintain Original Look or Apply New Themes
FileMaker Pro 13

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