FileMaker Platform

New FileMaker 14 Platform

The Complete Experience

The new FileMaker 14 Platform provides the most complete and flexible experience across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. Get new features that speed design and development
time, provide more control of iPad and iPhone solutions, and give you access to your
data in a mobile browser.

More automation in less time

Script Workspace
When it comes to automating your FileMaker solution, the brand new Script Workspace does more of the
work for you. Create, edit, and view your scripts and calculations all in one streamlined workspace to
speed development time.

  • Auto complete - Type a letter or two and instantly see a list of relevant script steps for instant efficiency.
  • Shortcuts – Use abbreviated text to build scripts faster.
  • All-in-one view – Using tabs you can work with multiple scripts at the same time.
  • Script organization – All your existing scripts, folders and separators appear as you’d expect.
  • Easier to read scripts – Support for blank lines, line numbers, indentation, and syntax coloring (e.g. colors for scripts and fields) make it easier to read your scripts.
  • Search field – Find scripts faster with instantly filtered results.
  • Script step descriptions – See exactly what a script step does and access the convenient in-line Help for more information.
  • In-line editing– Edit scripts directly in the Script Workspace.
  • Favorites – Add frequently used scripts to your “favorites” list for quick access.
  • New Specify Calculation dialog box – Redesigned with a refined, new look. Increase your productivity with auto-complete and search for calculation functions.

The browser goes mobile

Now you can use your mobile tablet to get the power of a FileMaker desktop solution delivered in a web browser. With support for mobile tablets in FileMaker WebDirect, it’s even easier to manage and share your business data while you’re on the go.

See a list of supported mobile browsers and devices

Redesigned toolbar
The FileMaker WebDirect toolbar is entirely redesigned with a great, new look that meets today’s needs. Its intuitive design puts the features and functionality you use the most right at your fingertips. Tuned for a mobile device but useful on any computer, the FileMaker WebDirect toolbar has these great new enhancements:

  • New toolbar includes larger tap targets
  • Menus slide in and out making it easier to access all your features
  • Menu items automatically collapse and expand into logical groups as the screen size
    changes or your device is rotated

Performance Improvements
FileMaker WebDirect is now up to 25% faster when opening most web-optimized layouts for desktops and tablets.

Design for the times

The FileMaker Platform includes amazing, new design tools to help you create powerful, easy-to-use solutions that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.

Button bar – Create groups of buttons that you can use for navigation or as custom toolbars. Each button automatically maintains equal proportions as you resize your window — whether you have 2 buttons or 50. Make the button bar horizontal or vertical and display the active state of each button.

Button icons – Get 140 professionally designed button icons that cover a wide variety of tasks to use in your buttons. You can change the icon color, apply conditional formatting and import your own custom icons. These icons can be combined with button text and also integrated with the button object.

Top and bottom navigation parts – Easily move through your solution with these new layout parts. Add button bars to the top and bottom navigation parts to make your layouts even easier to use. These parts remain static on your layout, so when you scroll the navigation is always visible.

In-field labels – Simplify your layouts by adding placeholder text or instructions inside a field. This text disappears when you type.

Color selection – Having trouble selecting just the right color for your layout? The color palette displays colors that coordinate with your current theme so it’s easy to create attractive layouts. Select a color and additional color options automatically appear so you can choose the best color for your layouts. HEX values let you match colors you already have — like from your logo or website.

Object component styles – Control how components of your objects look. Select the color of icons in control styles such as pop-up menus, drop-down lists, and calendars. Change the color of radio buttons and checkbox sets. And display either a check mark or an X in the checkbox set.

Enhanced Starter Solutions – Events and Projects are entirely redesigned with a clean, new look and simplified workflow. Plus, all 16 Starter Solutions now have layouts tailored for FileMaker WebDirect in addition to the desktop and iOS layouts.

Your solutions at a glance

Launch Center
Visually organize all your FileMaker solutions in the new Launch Center to instantly find what you’re looking for. Choose from 29 attractive, prebuilt icons to represent your solutions in the Launch Center. Or add your own personal touch with custom icons.

The Launch Center is included in the entire FileMaker Platform so you’ll have a consistent experience on
Windows and Mac with FileMaker Pro, on iPad and iPhone with FileMaker Go, or in the browser with
FileMaker WebDirect.

Take more control of your iOS experience

With the FileMaker 14 Platform, it’s even easier to control how your solutions look and run on iPad and iPhone.

New User Interface – FileMaker Go 14 has a brand new look that reflects the style of iOS 8. Easily make your solutions full screen by using scripts or swiping to hide the user interface.

Set screen orientation – Use a script to lock the orientation of your layout in order to build layouts specifically for portrait or landscape views.

Enhanced signature capture – Display the signature capture screen in portrait view as well as landscape. Using scripts, add more information including:

  • Title
  • Description text
  • Text under the signature line

Video and audio playback control – Play videos in a container field as well as in full screen. And interact with your layouts while videos are playing. New scripts automate the starting and stopping point of a video or audio recording — ideal for training scenarios when you want users to view certain chapters or sections at a time.

Enable touch keyboards – Add a script to control whether or not the keyboard appears. Tap into and scroll through a field without the keyboard getting in the way.

Rich text editing – Choose the size, color, and font of your text — includes bold, underline, and italics options.

Stay connected to your data

Reconnect to server
If you lose your network connection or the server goes down, FileMaker Pro automatically reconnects to FileMaker Server when it’s available again — just like you can with FileMaker Go. Now FileMaker Pro puts you back to where you were in your solution before you were disconnected — so you can continue right where you left off.

Security enhancements
Increase the security of FileMaker Server 14 with enhanced password controls. When creating passwords, the Admin Console will indicate the strength of your password — either weak or strong. Plus, set a hint to remember your password or re-set your password by entering a 4-digit pin number that you set up when installing FileMaker Server.

Standby server
For experienced server administrators there is a new standby server option in FileMaker Server 14 to ensure higher availability of your business data. If your primary server ever goes down, type in a set of commands via the Command Line Interface to switch over to the standby server. Data on the standby server is also included in your scheduled backups.