Reseller FAQ

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What is the minimum initial order quantity to get volume licensing pricing?

If your customer has not purchased under the FileMaker volume license program before, they need to either:

  • Buy FileMaker Server
    FileMaker Server is only available through FileMaker Licensing. There is no minimum order quantity to gain access to FileMaker Licensing if your order includes FileMaker Server. Other volume licensing products within the same program can be added to the FileMaker Server order.
  • Buy 5 or more products
    Even if your order does not include a FileMaker Server then just by purchasing a minimum of 5 combined licenses of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced to qualify for one of the FileMaker Licensing programs. FileMaker Pro is sold on a tier level, so the more purchased on a single order, the higher level of discount they will receive. All other FileMaker software products have one low licensing price, which is discounted from our boxed product (shrink-wrapped) pricing.

How can my existing licensing customer order additional licenses?

Existing FileMaker licensing customers can order any quantity of additional licenses from the licensing program. The order for additional licenses must include the customer's License Agreement/Contract number (This is an 8 digit number which starts with "40").
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How many licenses will my customer need and when do they need to buy FileMaker Server?

They need one license of FileMaker Pro per computer that needs to open a shared database. If 5 or more people might open the same database at the same time then they will need FileMaker Server. They will need at least 1 - 5 concurrent license pack if users will be connecting from FileMaker Go (iOS) or WebDirect (browser).

My customer is currently using FileMaker Pro 10. Is he or she eligible to purchase upgrades to FileMaker Pro 13?

From December 3, 2013 until September 24, 2014 only FileMaker Pro 10, 11 or 12 licensed users will be eligible for upgrade pricing .After September 24, 2014, FileMaker will no longer offer upgrades. Customer will need to purchase new licenses.

My customer wants to publish data to the web. Will each user need a copy of FileMaker Pro on their desktop?

Customers can publish their FileMaker solutions to the web. Your customer will need FileMaker Server 13 and at least a concurrent license pack (5 seats) to allow access by WebDirect (browser) users.
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One of my education customers wants their teachers to have access to FileMaker databases at home. Does my customer need to purchase an additional copy of FileMaker Pro for each teacher?

FileMaker provides limited home and portable use rights for FileMaker Pro software. If your customer is the primary user of the computer at work, he or she may make a second copy of FileMaker software for their exclusive use on either a home or portable computer. Your customer may only make one such additional copy for either their home or portable computer, but not both. These rights do not apply to students, if the software is part of a volume license program ordered at an education discount. Also, these rights do not apply to FileMaker Server software or FileMaker Pro Advanced software.

What is included in the FileMaker Maintenance Program?

The FileMaker Maintenance Program is like an upgrade insurance program. When you buy maintenance for a product, you are entitled to all upgrades to that product during the maintenance term. In other words, if FileMaker announces an upgrade for your software during the term of your Maintenance, you are guaranteed to get the upgrade for the software under maintenance for free. At a fraction of the price of software (currently 20% of the price of new software, and one third the price of an upgrade), Maintenance is a good investment over time.
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Can my customers share their data with both Windows and Mac users?

Yes. FileMaker products are cross-platform, so your customers can share data over local networks, the Internet, with Windows and Mac users, iOS users and even in popular formats such as Microsoft® Excel, Adobe® PDF, and more. And with the powerful security options in FileMaker, your customers can control what data is accessible by whom, so sharing is worry-free.

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What is the difference between Annual Volume Licensing (AVLA) vs Perpetual Volume Licensing (VLA)?

Our fastest growing program, the AVLA program gives your customer a convenient payment schedule and discounts on 5 or more licenses. Annual payments equivalent to 1/3 of the standard VLA price. Payment is due on the same date every year, so your customer can budget confidently. AVLA includes product releases and updates for the year. Annual licenses require the customer to complete an online agreement prior to processing. The AVLA form at this link: http://filemaker.com/eaccept/
The VLA program gives you discounts on 5 or more licenses and includes one year of Maintenance.VLA is a transactional license program with no signed contracts. Maintenance renewals are available each year and include product releases and updates for the year.

Can I resell FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad and Bento for iPhone and iPad?

These products are FREE and available only on the iTunes Apps Store and are not available through the reseller channel.
FileMaker Go

What are FileMaker Server concurrent connections?

FileMaker Server concurrent connections are a paid-for add-on to your FileMaker Server that allow your users to access FileMaker solutions on your server from:

  • The FileMaker Go app for iPad or iPhone
  • Any device running FileMaker WebDirect in a web browser

What is meant by “concurrent”?

When used in the context of FileMaker Server concurrent connections, “concurrent” means how many FileMaker Go or FileMaker WebDirect connections are open on a FileMaker Server at the same time.

Does my customer need to buy any FileMaker Server concurrent connections?

Only if your customer wants their users to connect to a FileMaker Server using the FileMaker Go app for iPad or iPhone, or using FileMaker WebDirect in a web browser. Having concurrent connections is an optional extra - if your customer intends only to use FileMaker Pro to access their server then they do not need to buy any concurrent connections, although it does mean they lose the flexibility to share their data with iPad & iPhone or web browser users.

How many concurrent licenses do does my customer need?

Concurrent connections differ to FileMaker Pro connections in that you only need to buy as many connections that occur simultaneously from FileMaker Go and/or web browser users. If users will be connecting at the same time for most of the time then it’s a good bet to buy as many connections as users. However, if users only overlap their usage for 50% of the time then your customer would only need about 50% of the user number. Each scenario is different, but the good news is your customer can add more connections later if they need to.

How do I purchase FileMaker Server concurrent connections?

FileMaker Server concurrent connections are purchased in groups of 5. Buy them as a bundle with your initial purchase of FileMaker Server, or at your renewal time, or any other time by contacting FileMaker Channel Sales at channel@filemaker.com. Concurrent connections added mid-year will be co-termed to expire with the original server, therefore these orders require special co-term pricing.

Where can I find the part numbers I need to quote my customer?