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Now it’s easier than ever to find the part numbers for new perpetual or new annual licensing products. Click Channel Partner Tool, enter the products your customers want to purchase and click “Get Part Numbers”. You will easily find the new licensing part number you need.

For Education & Non-Profit pricing, click HERE.

For site licenses, upgrade part numbers, renewal part numbers and contract numbers to qualify orders, please contact FileMaker Channel at channel@filemaker.com or call 800-725-2747 ext 923.

Introducing the NEW FileMaker 13!

Everywhere your business takes you

The new FileMaker 13 Platform gives you the set of tools and technologies you need to deliver custom business solutions that go everywhere your business takes you.

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FileMaker Upgrade Eligibility

  • FileMaker Pro 11 Retail Box or Single Electronic Download (ESD) Only.
  • FileMaker Pro 12 Retail Box or Single Electronic Download (ESD) Only.
  • FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced Retail Box or Single Electronic Download (ESD) Only.
  • FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced Retail Box or Single Electronic Download (ESD) Only.
Perpetual volume license product are not eligible for upgrades.
Retail box or single electronic software download ESD upgrades are not compatible with perpetual volume licenses products. These products will not upgrade perpetual volume licenses.

FileMaker 13 Reseller Webinar

What you will learn:

  • Key new selling features of the FileMaker 13 Platform
  • What is significant about FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect and concurrent licenses
  • What volume licensing programs are available for resellers
  • Where to get sales, marketing and demo materials
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FileMaker 13 Downgrades

FileMaker 13 software licenses generally include the right to install one copy of the FileMaker 13 software on a single computer, and the licenses do not automatically include “downgrade” rights. For those customers who wish to downgrade their software we will allow them to downgrade for these two reasons:

  • Unsupported Operating System
  • Complex Migration

If your believe your customer has met one of these two criteria contact FileMaker channel with the customer organization name, contact information and order information.

Channel Contact: 800.725.2747 x923
Channel Email: channel@filemaker.com