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  Jan-Mar 2012  
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FileMaker 12 was put to the test by some highly experienced FileMaker developers who are active participants in the FileMaker community. Each developer reviewed the new FileMaker product line, paying particular attention to the new features and the immediate benefits for their customers.




Storing text, documents, audio, and video

The new container field functionality is going to be the real killer app in this release. I can see lots of potential for this new feature alone. We'll be recommending our clients switch to 12 as soon as they can, purely because the conversion process is so simple and easy. It just works.” Nicholas Orr, Goya Pty Ltd

FileMaker Server 12 has taken another leap forward by offering incremental backups and container storage management; our clients are going to love this!” Daniel Wood, Digital Fusion Limited



With double the number of chart types available, along with a greatly improved interface for creating charts, data visualisation in FileMaker 12 has taken a huge leap forward.” Ray Cologon, NightWing Enterprises


Starter Solutions

The Starter Solutions in FileMaker 12 make full use of the new interface features and they look gorgeous!” Daniel Wood, Digital Fusion Limited

Users will love the new stylish layout themes and the updated Starter Solutions which make creating beautiful looking layouts easier than ever. Developers will love working with the new options for remote container fields, new chart types and updated script triggers. There's definitely something for everyone in FileMaker Pro 12”. Andrew Duncan, Databuzz

Design Elements

Gradients, themes, rounded edges, and mouse-over effects; all of this will translate into more professional looking solutions for our clients.” Daniel Wood, Digital Fusion Limited

The brand new layout design surface in FileMaker 12 is a breathtaking modernisation that will allow us to create more visually appealing and dynamic interfaces!” Ray Cologon, NightWing Enterprises

To selectively apply rounding to object corners and make buttons change state when a user hovers, clicks or tabs to them are some of my favourite enhancements because they make the interfaces intuitive, and responsive to users.” Katherine Russell, NightWing Enterprises


Working with Plug-Ins

We love the new built-in plug-in updating feature, this makes life much easier for developers working with plug-ins.” Andrew Duncan, Databuzz



Developers will really appreciate the new features in FileMaker Pro 12 that make them more productive. Additional script triggers, remote container field support, the ability to execute SQL queries, and control over the style and appearance of new windows are just some of the great new features in FileMaker Pro 12.Andrew Duncan, Databuzz

Among the many hidden gems in FileMaker 12 are new features such as the Insert from URL[ ] script step that open up some great options for accessing remote content and more. Also the new Get(UUID) calculation function makes it easier than ever to create solutions that move data between devices and merge data sets without creating conflicts.” Ray Cologon, NightWing Enterprises


Terms and features explained

Conditional Formatting

The ability to change the appearance of a text based object (field, label, tab panel, etc.) according to defined criteria. For example;an invoice number in a list may be highlighted bold and red when it is unpaid and overdue, or green when it is paid.

Container Fields

Pictures, movies, sounds, and documents, such as Microsoft Word files and PDF files can be copied into a container field. Data can be embedded in the field, stored by file reference, or stored externally. External storage is automatically managed by FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server, and files can be encrypted for secure storage.

Get (UUID)

New function in FileMaker Pro 12 that returns a unique 16-byte (128-bit) string. Could be used to generate a unique ID for a record used as a primary key.

Plug-in Updating Feature

Database developers can store plug-in files in container fields, then use scripts and calculations to check, install and update plug-ins.

Script Triggers

Developers can set up a script trigger to run a script when a specified event occurs. This includes events such as entering a field, opening a new window and switching tab panels.

SQL Queries

Structured Query Language (SQL) Queries supported in FileMaker allow the developer to construct statements using SQL code to search for and return record data.

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