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  Jan-Mar 2012  
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The upgrade to FileMaker 12 requires a file format change from the current .FP7 to the new .FMP12. In most cases, this is a simple file conversion achieved by opening the old files in the new FileMaker Pro 12. In the conversion, the old files are retained as backup copies. The new files are compatible with FileMaker 12 products only and cannot be opened or converted back for use with previous versions



The .FP7 file format has been unchanged for more than eight years and through six versions of FileMaker. The current change has allowed the implementation of stunning new layout designs and container field storage options.

It is important to consider the upgrade process carefully. In most cases, all files will need to be upgraded at the same time. This will require good coordination and planning of resources for a smooth transition. A trial conversion of each file should be done to accurately estimate total time to convert all files.

Existing layouts will be based on the Classic theme and will generally retain their appearance by styling the objects to match the original. Upgrading the files access to the new and improved features in FileMaker.

Converting to the new FileMaker 12 format is a breeze. We converted our fmSMS solution to FileMaker 12 in a few minutes. No further modifications were required
Andrew Duncan, Databuzz


We found conversion to the new file format surprisingly quick and easy. Great job, FileMaker Inc.
Rob Russell, SumWare Consulting

Free FileMaker Go 12,

Free FileMaker Go 12, making the best of iPad and iPhone

FileMaker Go 12 is now free, and comes with exciting new features that share even more information, leverage the native features on the iPad and iPhone, and take advantage of the new characteristics of FileMaker Pro 12.

FMGo FileMaker Go 12 for iPad is available at
FMGo FileMaker Go 12 for iPhone is available at

New features include:

  • Record video or audio
  • Multitasking support
  • New export formats
  • Layout theme supports

Plus much more. For further details on FileMaker Go features please visit

FileMaker Server 12. Faster, more reliable data serving

FileMaker Server 12 allows databases to be hosted over a network or on the web. It is fast, reliable, easy-to-use server software for securely managing FileMaker Pro databases.

The new features of FileMaker Server 12 include:

  • Faster WAN performance
  • 64-bit application
  • More stable architecture
  • Progressively download media
  • More efficient backups
  • Speedy web publishing

For further details on FileMaker Server 12 features please visit


FileMaker Server 12 Advanced. Maximising database sharing capabilities

FileMaker Server 12 Advanced includes all the features in FileMaker Server 12 plus more sharing and connectivity options.

By using FileMaker Server 12 Advanced to host FileMaker Pro databases, sharing capabilities are maximised. The additional advantages of FileMaker Server 12 Advanced include:

  • Sharing
  • Administrator Groups
  • Instant Web Publishing
  • ODBC/JDBC Support

For further details on FileMaker Server 12 Advanced features please visit

The 30-day free trial version of FileMaker Server 12 Advanced is available at

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