FileMaker Pro Customer Stories

In almost every segment of business, education and government, millions of our delighted customers use FileMaker to organize projects, people, assets and more.

Information Technology

Pratt & Whitney uses FileMaker Pro to keep airline engines humming

Busy distribution center for a world leader in the manufacture of jet engines keeps data organized with FileMaker Pro

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"It's OK - We're with the Band"

The Dave Matthews Band's electrifying live performances may appear effortless to their fans. But backstage, FileMaker Pro is hard at work, harmonizing countless elements — including set list, lighting, audio effects and equipment.

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Archiving Specialists Solve Unique Workflow Challenges with FileMaker and Tandem Development

Leading provider of audio and video archiving services whose clients include the Boston Symphony, the Chicago Symphony, the Museum of Jewish Heritage, the National Park Service, and the Library of Congress, manages workflow with a FileMaker-based solution.

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You've made it. You've finally got the boat — and she's beautiful. But who's going to sail it for you? Assembling a yachting crew needn't mean a rough voyage, thanks to -- an online crew placement company built around the database power of FileMaker Pro, the award winning database software application from FileMaker, Inc.

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Eyes on Technology

The human eye is a delicate, vital organ -- and repairing damage to it can often challenge the limits of medical science. Ophthalmologist -- those surgeons who specialize in treatment of eye injuries -- must constantly stay abreast of new developments and techniques to keep their skills finely honed. The United States Eye Injury Registry helps bring doctors this type of information -- through a nationwide data pool managed with FileMaker Pro, the award-winning database software application from FileMaker Inc.

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FileMaker Organizes Biological Research at The Salk Institue

The Salk Institute is a private, non-profit, research organization located in La Jolla, California. Scientists here are dedicated to fundamental research in biology and its relation to health, studying such challenging problems as the organization and operation of the brain, the control of gene activity, and the molecular origins of cancer, AIDS and other diseases.

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Start Spreading the News

For a journalist, getting the story out, accurately and on time, is what really matters. And for the people who publish The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the process of bringing the news together and getting it out to waiting readers is made more efficient by FileMaker Pro, the award-winning database software application from FileMaker Inc.

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Smooth Sailing

A complex online database project containing information on over 450,000 bodies of water -- built from top to bottom in just two months time. A challenge? Certainly. But a challenge met by the developers at Starmark International, thanks to the power of FileMaker Pro -- the award-winning database software application from FileMaker, Inc.

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Financially Focused and On Target

"Who does what, and when?” and "how can they do it more efficiently?” Those are the questions asked every day in busy offices and busy enterprises. And at the offices of Standard & Poor's Financial Communications, those questions are answered by FileMaker Pro -- the award-winning database software application from FileMaker, Inc.

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Documenting Stories of Holocaust Survivors

During the filming of his Oscar-winning Schindler's List, Steven Spielberg was approached by survivors of the Holocaust, who said that they too had stories they wanted to tell. These men and women weren't interested in making movies, but felt a passionate need to share their experiences with others.

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FileMaker Pro 7 enhances security and eases distribution of essential administrative data for a major university.

One of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the United States, Cornell University in Ithaca, NY prides itself on the diversity of both its student body and the educational experience it offers. Incorporating 11 undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools, Cornell is world-renowned for its specialized programs in hotel administration, industrial and labor relations, and veterinary medicine. A dedicated faculty and support staff are essential to carrying forward Cornell's mission, and FileMaker Pro 7 is a valued tool for the university's administrators.

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Prada uses FileMaker Pro for its Media Website

Milano, Italy March 2000, Filemaker, the worldwide leader in database solutions for workgroups and individuals, is the software solution chosen by Prada to manage their America's Cup press information web site. Thanks to Filemaker Pro, Prada's press office can manage a large number of media queries and meet the ever more pressing demands from media organizations around the world. The site, through which Prada has registered over 2600 journalists, is the official source of information for the press.

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FileMaker Keeps Novell's website up-to-date

Keeping a website up to date is a constant challenge. But what if you've got more than four thousand people involved in keeping a vast web presence up to date? That's when you need FileMaker Pro -- the award-winning database software application from FileMaker Inc.

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New York City-based charitable organization keeps track of volunteer efforts with FileMaker Pro

When New York and the nation faced adversity in September 2001, normally dour and cynical New Yorkers showed they have a big heart. Then as today, New York Cares was there, organizing volunteers and helping in the 9/11 recovery effort. And at the heart of New York cares, you'll find FileMaker Pro, the award-winning database software application from FileMaker, Inc.

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Prominent university publisher manages essential production and marketing data with an extensive FileMaker Pro database system.

Harvard University Press is one of the world's leading publishers of scholarly books, specializing in volumes for the well-educated general reader on subjects ranging from history and politics, to education and science, to art and philosophy. With up to 250 new titles issued each year, the task of keeping track of essential production and marketing procedures falls to FileMaker Pro.

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Knowledge is Power

Before you can make the sale, you need to know your market. That's why businesses looking to widen their customer base turn to D&B (formerly Dun & Bradstreet) for essential information on new sales prospects. And now, accessing that information's much easier -- because D&B has turned to FileMaker Pro, the award-winning database software application from FileMaker, Inc.

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Where Internet Solutions Grow

Rising like a mighty forest, that's digital.forest, a Washington state database and application hosting company. With an ever growing roster of clients, digital.forest brings together businesses from all over the world, and helps them to take full advantage of the power of FileMaker Pro, the award-winning database software application from FileMaker Inc.

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Caltrans Finds Smooth Driving

California has one of the largest transportation infrastructures in the United States, spanning 58 counties along more than 15,000 miles of state highways. Busy roadways mean constant upkeep and expansion needs, all of which are performed by the State of California's Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Each Caltrans project — whether the addition of a bike lane or the seismic retrofitting of a bridge — passes through hundreds of hands between concept and completion. Staying on top of each step of every project is not only critical for saving taxpayer dollars but it also ensures the safety of California's transportation infrastructure. After numerous attempts to reconcile data on hundreds of projects involving everything from Microsoft Access and Excel to email and hand-delivered reports, Caltrans' North Region has found a winning solution with FileMaker Pro, the database software from FileMaker, Inc.

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Audio Tour Company Uses FileMaker to Organize Production Details

Standing in front of a great work of art at The Louvre, Paris or The Royal Academy, London -- it's sometimes hard to know what makes it so special. Many museums now have audio interpretation guides designed to enhance the experience of looking at paintings and artifacts, and their innovative use of interactive multimedia technology often gives the attractions an added dimension. And one of the leading providers of this technology builds its system around FileMaker Pro, the award-winning database software application from FileMaker, Inc

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FileMaker is a winner at the America's Cup Louis Vuitton Media Centre

Paris-based luxury goods house, Louis Vuitton, has had a long standing relationship with the America's Cup and back in 1983 they decided to formalise the relationship by presenting a trophy, the Louis Vuitton Cup, to the winner of the Challenger Selection Series. Since then, it's become well known that "to win the America's Cup, one must first win the Louis Vuitton Cup."

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Cytek Media Systems enables Internet collaboration with FileMaker Pro

Cytek Media Systems, an audio/visual company that specializes in designing, installing and integrating systems for education and government markets, uses FileMaker Pro software to track repairs, rentals, equipment barcodes, orders and installations as well as all customer communications.

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