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Return Logistics International Corporation

When you reach for a prescription medication, or an over–the–counter remedy, you take for granted that it meets certain specifications. A glance at the expiration date on the bottle is your assurance that the merchandise isn't stale.


  • It's up to Return Logistics International Corporation to ensure that only fresh medications are on store shelves. Handling returns of expired and recalled medications is a complicated process, simplified by FileMaker Pro.


  • Healthcare/Medical Services
  • Small Business

Business Challenge

But keeping track of those dates and ensuring that only fresh stock is on the shelf can be complicated — involving an elaborate product distribution chain linking retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. There's no room for errors or confusion, no time for slipups. That's why progressive companies like Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Abbott Laboratories Pharmaceutical, BASF, Cardinal Health, and Pharmacia & Upjohn depend on Return Logistics International Corporation to manage their return processing — and that's why Return Logistics International has developed a web–based tracking system incorporating FileMaker Pro the award–winning database software application from FileMaker Inc.

Established in 1997, Return Logistics International Corporation combines its founders' decade of experience in the bricks–and–mortar return processing experience with the latest technologies, to ensure the service it provides is efficient and foolproof. 'We first chose to focus on the pharmaceutical industry,' says Return Logistics President Brian Stenz. The goal was to develop a web–based system that would relieve pharmacies, wholesalers, manufacturers, and professional representatives of out–dated, short–dated, or recalled merchandise anytime and anywhere. It would also make certain that maximum credit reimbursements went where they were supposed to go, while at the same time ensuring that all returned–goods policies were closely followed — including certification of disposal or destruction.

Successful Solution

FileMaker Pro has been a key component in Return Logistics' strategy. Working with a range of other web–based applications, FileMaker is the driving force behind a total of 69 individual databases — keeping track of shipments, returns, line items, products, companies, and contacts. 'FileMaker Pro is a very useful database management system,' comments Brian. 'It is easy to use and has powerful functions that help users and administrators manage information. The Graphic User Interface and ScriptMaker are very helpful tools.' All told, the Return Logistics databases keep careful track of over a hundred and fifty thousand individual records.

FileMaker Pro is a very useful database management system. It is easy to use and has powerful functions that help users and administrators manage information. The Graphic User Interface and ScriptMaker are very helpful tools.

— Brian Stenz, President, Return Logistics International Corporation

Customer Benefits

Through the services provided at and, Return Logistics offers a better, faster way of processing crucial transactions. Outdated merchandise is out of the distribution stream, products that have been withdrawn or recalled are disposed of in accord with stated policies. Manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers can all take confidence in the system — just as Return Logistics International takes confidence in the power of FileMaker Pro.

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