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"PMD Mobile based on FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro 11 has revolutionized our business. We anticipate an almost immediate return on investment by saving $40,000 a year."

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Leading Windowposter™ advertising company gets the message out nationwide using FileMaker Go on iPod touch

PMD Promotion ( slashes $40,000 off yearly overhead with an innovative mobile solution that revolutionized its business


  • Leading window poster advertising company and active in 20 urban markets


  • Medium Business: OOH, Window poster advertising/marketing


  • Used FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPod touch to orchestrate efforts of 75 mobile display reps


  • Saved $40,000 annually in administrative overhead; reduced reporting time by 80%; improved customer satisfaction; converted staff resources to sales generation activities
CEO Dean Stallone

Remember that poster you saw in a shop or café window promoting a hot concert, play, or a new movie? Chances are, a PMD Promotion ( installer put it in the window — and in exactly the right spot to catch your eye. Hanging posters by hand can be labor intensive but, thanks to FileMaker Go, executing a successful poster campaign for its clients is as trouble-free as it gets and saves significant money.

With 75 display reps, each armed with an iPod touch running FileMaker Go, PMD now has a 21st century solution to the 19th century clipboard and pen, helping display Windowposters in the top 20 urban markets in the U.S. What used to be a time–consuming, tree–hungry process has now gone mobile, resulting in streamlined administrative processes back at the home office, a motivated field staff, easy-to-access integrated data, efficient reporting, and happier customers.

From the moment PMD display field reps clock in, they handle their entire shift using FileMaker Go on an iPod touch. Starting with a WiFi download of the day's route sheet from headquarters, reps hit the streets fueled with precise instructions, maps, and helpful tips for each assignment. As they move from place to place, they simply jot notes and details into their FileMaker Go database, as well as snap photos of each installation using the iPod touch built-in digital camera. Up–to–the–minute information and images are stored in the rep's mobile database, which is then uploaded via WiFi to PMD's New York headquarters and automatically synchronized with the firm's central FileMaker Pro database.

"Our display representatives are our 'feet on the street' so to speak, installing the displays in more than 35,000 storefronts nationwide," says Dean Stallone, PMD's chief executive officer. "They work to exacting standards, remove the poster displays when they are out of date, and coordinate all activities with the establishment owners. Before we started using FileMaker Go, the reps dragged around clipboards, paper forms, and their personal digital cameras to document the poster displays and create the extensive reports we send to clients.

"Now, on a simple mobile device, they have a richer, more convenient experience — and all the information they send and receive is centralized in one database."

PMD Mobile based on FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro 11 has revolutionized our business. We anticipate an almost immediate return on investment by saving $40,000 a year on staff performing outdated tasks like re–keying data and struggling to pair photos with disparate data coming in from the field.

—Dean Stallone, CEO, PMD Promotion
PMD's 75 display reps handle all details of their daily route with FileMakerGo for iPod touch.

Streamlined, failsafe reporting

Whether PMD clients are promoting a small neighborhood show, or blanketing an entire region to drive fans to a headline event, every PMD client receives a customized report detailing how their project was delivered. While these reports are an essential part of superior customer service, creating them was an expensive and time–consuming administrative challenge in need of an extreme makeover.

Previously, field reps transferred digital photos by FTP and sent campaign details by email and fax. Matching up the digital photos from the FTP site with the corresponding paperwork was an unwieldy process at best. Staff had to re–key information from printed forms and hand-written notes into the opera tions database — duplicating work and risking errors.

Now, with FileMaker Go, images, notes, and venue details are input directly into one record. By eliminating the need for double data entry, Stallone says, reports are generated in about 80% less time, and the chance of error has been virtually eliminated.

With FileMaker Go, the company generates easy–to–access reports more frequently, which keeps clients totally up to date on the status of each campaign. In a matter of minutes, PMD creates 200–page PDF reports that integrate 500 photos, venue lists, statistics, and location maps into a single, easily digestible document. Reports are automatically uploaded to the web where clients review them on demand, where and when they want.

FileMaker Go transformed PMD's business, enabling mobile reps to better serve clients in up to 35,000 storefronts.

Rapid ROI

PMD worked with independent FileMaker Developer Colibri Solutions ( to create this innovative mobile solution, dubbed PMD Mobile. It took Colibri only a few weeks to build the system from scratch, a turnaround time that far exceeded Stallone's expectations.

Stallone gives PMD Mobile rave reviews, noting that the solution has dramatically transformed his business, yielding benefits in every area of operation. Processing time for reports has been reduced by 80 percent. Photos are automatically paired with venues and campaigns, saving huge administrative overhead. Now, display reps can send and receive centralized information in a fraction of the time, enabling them to complete their routes faster. On the street and in the office, staff spends less time on administrative tasks and more time generating new business.

"PMD Mobile based on FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro 11 has revolutionized our business," says Stallone. "We anticipate an almost immediate return on investment by saving $40,000 a year on staff performing outdated tasks like re-keying data and struggling to pair photos with disparate data coming in from the field."



Watch this webinar on synching mobile databases with FileMaker Server and one-click updating of FileMaker Go databases, featuring Colibri Solutions and the PMD mobile app. View the Recording

For FileMaker:

Kevin Mallon
Public Relations Manager
FileMaker Inc.

For PMD Promotion:

Dean Stallone
Chief Executive Officer
PMD Promotion

For Colibri Solutions:

James Wesolowski
Managing Principal
Colibri Solutions


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