Product Availability and Compatibility


FileMaker Platform

The FileMaker Platform combines the database, business logic layers, and cross-platform user interface into one rapid application development environment. The FileMaker Platform consists of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker Cloud.

FileMaker, Inc. offers product updates, 1-to-1 support, and a variety of self-support tools for FileMaker products. Below are the FileMaker product versions that are currently supported and available. Availability refers to direct sales, technical support, replacement media, downgrade media, and downgrade license keys.

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Product Product updates 1-to-1 Support* Available End of life (EOL) date
FileMaker 15 Platform Yes Yes Yes TBD
FileMaker 14 Platform No Yes Yes, available for downgrade only TBD
FileMaker 13 Platform No Yes Yes, available for downgrade only September 22, 2017
FileMaker 12 Platform No No No September 23, 2016

Note: Customers are encouraged to use the most recent version of the FileMaker Platform for the latest improvements in performance, security, and iOS compatibility.

*1-to-1 support includes assistance in the following areas: prepurchase and orders, installation, configuration, and migration. For more complex issues, priority support is available for purchase.

FileMaker Go ‐ App Store availability
Product Available Removal date
FileMaker Go 15 Yes TBD
FileMaker Go 14 Yes July 31, 2017
FileMaker Go 13 No September 23, 2016

Note: Due to iOS compatibility or for security issues, FileMaker Go may be removed from the App Store earlier than scheduled.


FileMaker Server

FileMaker Server 15 supports the following clients:

FileMaker Pro 15, 14, and 13.0.9
FileMaker Pro 15, 14, and 13.0.9 Advanced
FileMaker Go 15, 14, and 13.0.9
Apps created using iOS App SDK
FileMaker WebDirect

The latest security updates must be applied to the above clients before the clients connect to FileMaker Server 15. Some features may not be fully backwards compatible. Learn more 

Custom apps from FileMaker Pro 11 and earlier must be converted to the latest file format before being hosted by FileMaker Server 15. Learn more 

FileMaker Cloud

FileMaker Cloud 1.15.1 supports the following clients:

FileMaker Pro 15.0.2 minimum
FileMaker Pro 15.0.2 Advanced minimum
FileMaker Go 15.0.2 minimum
Apps created using iOS App SDK 15.0.2 minimum
FileMaker WebDirect
3rd party software

Only known compatible 3rd party software should be used with your FileMaker software. Failure to do so can lead to results ranging from poor performance to feature failures and irreparable file corruption.

ESS (ODBC/JDBC) drivers
Anti-virus software
3rd party backup software
3rd party plug-ins
SSL certificates

Deprecated features

FileMaker, Inc. continually invests in the latest technology in order to keep making improvements to the FileMaker Platform. As a result, some features and operating systems are deprecated and will be removed in future versions of FileMaker software.

Note: Deprecation does not mean the immediate deletion of an API or technology.

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