FileMaker + MySQL Partnership

FileMaker Pro is more than database software, it is a rapid-application development environment that enables you to quickly create solutions to collect, manage and report on data.

With FileMaker Pro it is easy to create live connections to MySQL data sources. Now you can combine the all-in-one ease of FileMaker database solutions with the open source strengths of MySQL. Connecting FileMaker and MySQL database technologies now allows developers to create a huge variety of solutions amazingly quickly.


"The new partnership between MySQL AB and FileMaker is a very exciting opportunity. FileMaker's easy-to-use database products are used today by millions of customers to build intuitive applications very quickly. Linking FileMaker solutions to the open source strengths of MySQL will greatly empower the developer and user communities of both product lines."

- Zack Urlocker, MySQLAB's Executive Vice President of Products

Watch the video of Zack Urlocker's comments on the FileMaker and MySQL partnership.

FileMaker: Quick, Intuitive, All-in-One Tools

FileMaker's easy-to-use database products are used by millions of customers to build intuitive applications very quickly. By exchanging data between FileMaker and MySQL (using MySQL's driver), you combine the open source strengths of MySQL with the ease-of-development of FileMaker.

FileMaker contains many features that otherwise must be coded on top of MySQL. Develop solutions for customer management, project tracking, or digital asset management, in a fraction of the time required for traditional programming tools. Powerful but easy reporting, automatic PDF creation, and email distribution turns piles of data into useful information.

Add sophisticated security with accounts and privileges customized down to field level. Create highly interactive and productive forms. Ready-to-use starter solutions include templates for contact management, digital asset management, finance, and more.

And FileMaker is a great productivity tool for end users. Empower your users to sort, search, filter on their own. Then they can build custom views of the information and print —even those with no technical ability.

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