Community-run Groups

Join a community-run forum, user group, email list or newsgroup dedicated to FileMaker products.


  • FileMaker Forum hosted by FileMaker. Search for an answer, post a question, share information or provide answers for other users in the FileMaker Community.
  • FM Forums is a discussion list which unites the worldwide community of FileMaker Pro experts, developers, designers, and enthusiasts.
  • FileMaker Today is a user forum brought to you by MacLane Nova New Media.

User Groups

Email Lists

  • FMAnnounce is a mailing list by Database Pros that keeps you on top of FileMaker-related announcements, including products, resources, tools and training materials.
  • FMPExperts is a mailing list which addresses beginner and advanced Filemaker techniques as well as FileMaker Pro questions and answers.
  • Troi FileMaker Plug-in Talk is devoted to all issues regarding the use of plug-ins with FileMaker Pro. This includes installation issues, scripting, requesting new features and more.
  • Lasso Talk is an email discussion about using Lasso to host FileMaker Pro databases on the Web. Hosted by OmniPilot Software.
  • Dartmouth University hosts an ongoing discussion via email. To subscribe, send a message to: and include in the body of the message: "sub FMPRO-L firstname lastname". Substitute your first and last name.
  • FileMaker Pro Talk is an email discussion list devoted to FileMaker Pro, hosted by LassoSoft Inc.
  • FileMaker_Junto - A User Group for FileMaker Pro Support Share ideas with other FileMaker customers.


There were several USENET newsgroups dedicated to FileMaker products and related topics. These have been moved to Google or Yahoo groups.

FileMaker Newsgroups

Mac Newsgroups

Windows Newsgroups

Note: FileMaker, Inc. hosts the FileMaker and Bento Forums, but does not host or maintain any of the other above-mentioned lists. However, FileMaker, Inc. personnel may monitor or contribute to these lists in an unofficial capacity.