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FileMaker Development License

The FileMaker Development License is a special, test-only license for FileMaker Server 13 and is available only to FileMaker Community members who have the FileMaker Development Subscription. This license allows you to build and test solutions for deployment with FileMaker Server 13 without having to purchase a full version of the software.

This special, test-only version includes all the features and functionality of FileMaker Server 13. Please note that the Development License only allows up to three simultaneous FileMaker Pro 13 and three simultaneous web-based clients for Custom Web Publishing, and one FileMaker WebDirect connection to access hosted FileMaker solutions. For FileMaker Server 13 Development License system requirements, see FileMaker Server 13 requirements.

Save time and money

  • Create solutions that will be deployed with FileMaker Server.
  • Configure advanced security options, automated backups, and more before deployment.
  • Utilize the advanced connectivity options, including ODBC, JDBC, and XML during the development and testing process.
  • Use Custom Web Publishing to build data-driven web solutions that are integrated with your company's or client’s website.
  • Run business solutions directly in a web browser on a desktop or laptop with FileMaker WebDirect.
  • Build and test solutions with FileMaker Server 13 without purchasing a separate license.


The Server Development License is available by download from the members only site for any FileMaker Community member who has a current FileMaker Development Subscription.

To buy the FileMaker Developer Subscription if you are already a FileMaker Community member please go to the FileMaker Store to purchase.

If you are not yet a FileMaker Community member Join Now for free.