Introducing the
Workplace Innovation Platform

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Make your own app
for any task.

Streamline your scattered information and inefficient processes. Use the FileMaker Platform to create your own app — a custom app — that works just right for your business. And since you know your business the best, you already have what it takes to make one.

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What are custom apps?

Custom apps are applications you create and tailor yourself using the FileMaker Platform. These apps do exactly what your business needs.

Organize contacts, track inventory, manage events, and much more. The same app works on your mobile device, computer, the web, and in the cloud.

Why switch to a Workplace Innovation Platform?

Companies just like yours are escaping the work rut by streamlining processes while saving time and money with a Workplace Innovation Platform.

Saved time and money


Created more efficient processes for
their mobile workforce


Increased employee satisfaction


Source: Workplace Innovation Report: First edition. A survey of customers examining their challenges and operational inefficiencies, and how they’re getting out of the work rut. FileMaker, Inc.

Workplace Innovation Report: First edition

Fortune Global 500 Companies use the FileMaker Platform.

Businesses of all types use the FileMaker Platform because it’s the easiest and most affordable way to create a custom app that solves your everyday challenges.

FileMaker customers:

Toyota Motor, Berkshire Hathaway, Honda Motor,
Costco, Panasonic, Nissan Motor, Chevron,
BMW Group, Home Depot, Wells Fargo,
Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, Hitachi, Citigroup,
Fujitsu, Deutsche Telekom, Comcast,
Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo,
UPS, Intel, FedEx, Cisco Systems, HP,
Christian Dior, Coca-Cola, American Airlines Group,
Merck, Delta Air Lines, and many more.

See what customers have to say:

Wood Fruitticher

Quick to create.
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“I could never have dreamed we could create a sophisticated app in-house within such a short time frame. It is not a pat on my back, but instead a testament to FileMaker.”

Martin Clapp

Developer, Wood Fruitticher

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Vida Vacations

Competitive edge.
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“Pretty much everything we want to do with our business, we can do with the FileMaker Platform. Our custom app offers us a tremendous competitive advantage.”

Fred Deblois

Chief Technical Officer, Vida Vacations Inc.

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ALS Never Surrender Foundation

Simple and affordable.
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“I didn’t have to learn a new coding language to build a custom app that would work seamlessly across the iPhone, web, and Mac.”

Steph Courdin

Founder, ALS Never Surrender Foundation

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Innovation without the hype.

Make your own app for any task

Wood Fruitticher

Vida Vacations

ALS Never Surrender Foundation

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