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FileMaker Server Features

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Server 13
Features Description
Check FileMaker WebDirect Deploy interactive database solutions in web browsers – no programming skills needed.
Check All-new Admin Console Re-written in HTML5 for instant, secure access from any web browser. New user interface prominently displays important alerts for easier administration.
Check Database encryption Use powerful AES 256-bit encryption to secure databases hosted on FileMaker Server 13.
Check Encryption state indicator Visual indicator appears when securely connecting to FileMaker Server 13 from FileMaker Pro 13.
Check Improved SSL certificate management When using a single machine installation, just one SSL certificate is needed to support all clients.
Check Upload to Server Upload files to FileMaker Server 13 directly from FileMaker Pro 13.
Check Container field improvements Back up databases separately from container field data to make scheduled back ups even faster.
Check TCP/IP port consolidation Open only 4 ports to communicate outside the firewall.
Check Perform Script on Server Run a script on FileMaker Server 13 that can be used from any FileMaker client.
Check Sharing FileMaker Server does not limit the number of hosted FileMaker Pro clients. Connections are limited by hardware, database design, and operating system.
Check Custom web publishing Create custom, data-driven websites using PHP or XML.
Check ODBC/JDBC Connectivity Share data with other applications via server-based ODBC/JDBC support.

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Server 12
Server 12
Features Description
Check Check Faster WAN performance Get faster data retrieval – less data is sent across the network with fewer round trips.
Check Check 64-bit application More memory allows for faster and more efficient data access. Only data changes are written to the disk.
Check Check Progressive Backup The data that has changed in the database is bundled and applied to the baseline backup. Choose a backup frequency between 1-99 minutes.
Check Check Improved web publishing engine The newly re-written web publishing engine has the ability to handle multiple data requests at the same time, and has more efficient memory management.
Check Check More stable architecture Scripts and plug-ins run together as a separate process. Progressive Backups run independently as well.
Check Check Progressive media download Progressively download videos and other media to your FileMaker Pro client. Flip through records without waiting for files to completely download.
Check Check Statistics Graph From the Admin Console, view a variety of real-time database statistics such as the amount of data being written to disk per second. No additional tools required.
  Check More CWP connections Get up to 200 concurrent Custom Web Publishing connections.
  Check Group Start Page Display a list of all databases accessible to your team on one convenient web-based page.
FileMaker Server 11 FileMaker
Server 11
Features Description
Check Check Enhanced Statistics View Get detailed visibility into every FileMaker Pro client on the server to help diagnose potential issues.
Check Check Backup File Clone During backup, save an empty version of your database to help preserve the schema and architecture of your file while troubleshooting your database.
Check Check Save or Load Schedules Automatically save and load your server schedules when migrating to new hardware. No need to re-build manually.
Check Check Specify User Accounts Get the access privileges you need by selecting a specific user account to run system-level scripts.
Check Check Script Time Limits Set optional time limits for script schedules to keep your databases running more efficiently.
  Check No sharing limits No limit on the number of concurrent FileMaker Pro clients. Technical limits are imposed only by your hardware, database design, and operating system.
  Check Administrator groups Assign specific administrative tasks to groups of users while retaining exclusive control of your server and maintaining a high level of security. Save and load group settings when migrating to new hardware.
FileMaker Server 10 FileMaker
Server 10
Features Description
Check Check Scheduled OS Scripts Schedule import, export and email scripts for automated reporting.
Check Check Send Mail via SMTP Send Mail via SMTP for faster distribution.
Check Check Scheduled Verifications Schedule automatic database verification tests to check for consistency and errors.
Check Check Log Viewer Get a snapshot of your database logs to quickly pinpoint trouble spots.
Check Check Improved Find performance Find requests run faster, making your whole group more productive.
  Check Share with 999 users Up to 999 concurrent FileMaker Pro clients.
FileMaker Server 9 FileMaker
Server 9
Features Description
Check Check Administration console Administer and configure your server from the unified, cross-platform Administration console that can be accessed from any computer on your network.
Check Check External SQL Data
Sources support
Create secure live connections to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL sources.
Check Check Email Notifications Send emails upon the completion of a scheduled activity or if an error has occurred.
Check Check Upload Database Assistant Upload your databases to the server.
Check Check Backup Schedule Assistant Create automatic backups of your databases on the schedule that you choose.
Check Check Server-Side scripting Schedule selected scripts to run on the server.
Check Check Super Fast Installation Install and configure the software in 20 minutes or less.
Check Check IPv6 support Supports IPv6.
Check Check Multi-machine configuration Supports multi-machine configuration for maximum deployment options.
FileMaker Server 8 FileMaker
Server 8
Features Description
Check Check Consistency check on open Performs automatic consistency check on all hosted files for increased reliability.
FileMaker Server 7 FileMaker
Server 7
Features Description
Check Check Server-Side Searches and Calculations Perform searches and calculations on the server instead of the client.
Check Check Hardware enhancements Leverage high-performance hard disk storage systems and multi-CPU servers. And take advantage of large amounts of RAM using sophisticated caching.
Check Check Automated Maintenance Perform maintenance on live databases, including live backups while file is in use.
Check Check Automated backups Schedule backups.
Check Check Administration tools Audit remote administration, change server settings, and configure and maintain on the go.
Check Check Active Directory/ Open Directory Use external authentication through Active Directory or Open Directory.
Check Check XML enhancements Use XML to generate results in many different formats including CHTML, XHTML, RTF and XML.
Check Check IWP script step support Instant Web Publishing support for over 70 FileMaker Pro script steps to create robust web solutions without web programming.
Check Check No table limits No limit on the number of tables. Technical limits are imposed only by your hardware, database design, and operating system.
  Check 100 IWP users Up to 100 users may access the database through Instant Web Publishing.