FileMaker Software Transfer Policy for Single-User

This document describes how to transfer a single-user FileMaker software license. Please note that education versions and iPhone/iPad versions are not transferable. To learn about transferring a FileMaker Volume License Agreement as the result of a merger, acquisition, outsourcing or entity name change, see the "FileMaker Software Transfer Policy for Volume License Customers."

If you reside within the United States or Canada, you must complete and return this Single-User Transfer of License Form.

If you reside within Europe, the Middle East, or Asia, you must complete and return this Single-User Transfer of License Form.

Until FileMaker receives a completed transfer form, the product remains licensed to the individual or company to who it is registered. Once the transfer is complete, the Licensee (Transferor) information will be changed in FileMaker's customer records for the specified product and the FileMaker software license will be registered under the recipient's (Transferee) name.

If you wish to transfer your software via online auction (e.g. eBay), FileMaker requires that you complete an Online Auction Transfer Form. You may not post your software on any online auction site without previous written authorization from FileMaker's legal department. Once the form is reviewed and approved, FileMaker will notify the host of the Auction Site and authorize the auction. If you claim that your software has never been opened, you are required to submit proof of purchase along with your transfer form.

Note: If FileMaker software is registered multiple times, it may be flagged as counterfeit software. In order to prevent this, the transferee should contact FileMaker Customer Assistance (800-325-2747) to receive their own personalized license key.

The transfer of a FileMaker license applies to all versions of a product. For example, if you first license FileMaker 7.0, subsequently upgrade to FileMaker Pro 8.0, and then decide to transfer the license of version 8.0, you must transfer rights to all your versions of FileMaker, up to and including version 8.0. You are not allowed to separately transfer any previously upgraded versions.

As the Transferor of a "single-user" FileMaker license, you must:

  1. Open and Save the appropriate Transfer Form
  2. Complete the Form in its entirety. A separate transfer form must be submitted for each software license key or proof of purchase.
  3. Review and accept the transfer terms by signing the form and by obtaining the Transferee's signature (if applicable) in order to verify his/her acceptance of the transfer terms.
  4. Return the completed form via fax, mail or email to FileMaker, Inc.
FileMaker, Inc. Transfer of License
5201 Patrick Henry Drive, M/S C-51, Santa, Clara, CA 95054
Fax Number: 408-987-7460

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