FileMaker Rocks On The Apple iPhone

Richmond, VA – September 20, 2007 – FMWebschool, Inc. released an online movie demonstrating the power of FileMaker database technology on the Apple iPhone.

FMWebschool delivers a one - two punch. FMWebschool released a new movie demonstrating the power of FileMaker driven websites on the Apple iPhone and a new Dreamweaver iPhone extension that enables you to quickly build FileMaker websites for the iPhone

The iPhone is a perfect medium to showcase database driven websites.  FMWebschool has also created an iPhone Dreamweaver extension that connects to FileMaker.  Enabling you to design and deploy exciting FileMaker driven websites on your iPhone.  

FileMaker driven sites with iPhone are extremely powerful.  Visitors to your site can search live data, edit records, delete records, sort found sets, view images, email as well as view google maps.  Since the data viewed on the iPhone is dynamic, changes made such as editing a record are immediately changed in the FileMaker database as well.

This is an exciting time for businesses.  Imagine a flower delivery company where the driver can simply look at his iPhone, see all of the deliveries for the day, and simply click on a Google map link to get directions.  Since the delivery drivers phone is connected to their main database, he can check for any updates prior to the delivery, and can mark the delivery as complete once he has made the deliveries.  The data is automatically updated in the database.  Another scenario would be a work order database.

The combination of FileMaker and iPhone unleashes an unlimited amount of opportunities.  FMWebschool has released an online movie demonstrating a FileMaker contact solution on the iPhone and the new Dreamweaver iPhone development module.  Using these two great resources together you can develop a robust online solution in very little time.  The demonstration uses the free online iPhoney emulator available from

A quick demonstration of FileMaker and iPhone can be seen here.

A more thorough demonstration of building the website and deploying it on the iPhone can be seen here.

FMWebschool is a team of creative developers specializing in innovative PHP and FileMaker web solutions since 1999. FMWebschool focuses on progressive FileMaker integrated turnkey solutions, training, books and learning resources to facilitate FileMaker web publishing. FMWebschool has a solid track record and reputation for outstanding customer support.

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